Two minutes to ponder

Many religions have demanded blind faith, taking away people’s independence. President Makiguchi opposed such enslavement. What he called for instead was solidarity of awakened common people. To achieve this, he proposed a self-reliant way of life in which we advance on the path of our choice with a firm, independence character. He also stressed a… Read More Two minutes to ponder

An ugly storm brewing in Soka Gakkai – Japan

Serious allegations are flying around the social media about corruption and misconduct of Soka Gakkai top executives in Japan, even demanding the resignation of SGI President Harada. There are photos of hundreds of demonstrators outside the Hall of Great Vow with large banners, as well as a youtube video of an hour long press conference by three… Read More An ugly storm brewing in Soka Gakkai – Japan

Progress on governance matters – December 2016

In the recently held State Representatives Meeting in December, the General Director announced several initiatives that were taken in the area of improving governance within the organisation. We believe this is an important progress to tighten the overall system to prevent leakages in all forms. This is based on ‘thus we heard’, as there were… Read More Progress on governance matters – December 2016


5. 我们这次来谈谈钱。这是一项重要的话题,尤其是在学会里。 为什么学会会员会贡献金钱给学会呢? 马来西亚的广布需要钱去推动。我们需要钱去举办各项活动。当然,会员们的人力和时间也是不可或缺的。