Two minutes to ponder

Many religions have demanded blind faith, taking away people’s independence. President Makiguchi opposed such enslavement. What he called for instead was solidarity of awakened common people. To achieve this, he proposed a self-reliant way of life in which we advance on the path of our choice with a firm, independence character. He also stressed a contributive way of life in which we set our fundamental goal in life toward the realization of happiness for ourselves and others, casting aside arrogance and self-satisfaction to respect and benefit others.

Daisaku Ikeda

December 24, daily guidance



2 thoughts on “Two minutes to ponder

  1. “Trust GD, he’s appointed by Sensei and SGI” is exactly the blind faith that Sensei talked about here. How can we not use our Buddha’s eyes and wisdom to see what’s happening around us?


  2. I would like to share these guidance I compile from SGI Newsletter, hoping that the Senior Servants will read and engrave these in their heart and act base on these.

    As it’s now 2017, let us all also reflect and put these into practise in our own life to revive our humanity.

    “Leaders must listen earnestly to the voices of the people.

    In the Lotus Sutra, there is a bodhisattva called Perceiver of the World’s Sounds, who hears and responds to people’s cries for help or salvation, out of profound compassion. We must listen patiently and closely to what our friends and fellow members have to say. We must never forget that listening to people’s hearts is an important part of our bodhisattva practice.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 4390 dated 30.9.2000

    “As we have seen, all who forgot their indebtedness to their mentor and arrogantly turned against the Soka Gakkai have without exception wound up miserable as a direct result of their misdeeds. My strictness in this regard stems from my desire never to see this sort of thing happening again and from my wish that all of you will be victors in life. Titles and positions in society have nothing to do with faith. There’s absolutely no reason to give a person special treatment or put up with their bullying arrogance. Members who hold important positions in society should accomplish worthwhile things in their own field and, even after stepping away from the spotlight, continue serving their communities and the Soka Gakkai. That’s the kind of lives I hope they’ll lead.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 7542 dated 16.5.2008

    “I remember the heartfelt words of one of my seniors: ‘Where else can you find people working for the sake of Buddhism, for the sake of people, and for the sake of peace, so earnestly and patiently, and without any financial recompense, as the members of the Soka Gakkai?

    The fundamental duty of leaders is to show their greatest appreciation for and repay their debt of gratitude to these noble, unheralded ordinary people.

    The philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda (1722-94), who is sometimes called the ‘Ukrainian Socrates’, declared: ‘An ungrateful heart is a source of the sufferings of hell. A grateful heart is a paradise abounding with myriad joys.'”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 5870 dated 21.1.2004

    “The SGI is a gathering of Buddhas, built through the dedicated efforts of our noble PIONEER Men and Women Division members. When we contemplate the profound karmic ties that connect us as SGI members, we cannot fail to feel an inexhaustible upsurge of joy.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 9283 dated 18.10.2015

    “The new century belongs to the youth. As long as the youth remain vital and energetic, their eyes shining brightly with hope, a country will continue to grow and prosper.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 4467 dated 4.12.2000

    “Faith is not measured by how many years we have practised or our position in the organisation. When we become arrogant and self-complacent, we loose our sense of joy.

    ‘It’s the heart that is important.’ Truly admirable are those who never forget their original commitment, who stick with the basics and have faith like water, ‘believing continuously without ever regressing’.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 9283 dated 18.10.2015

    “At any rate, human revolution is the great path of happiness that enables us to earnestly give expression to our true self and shine as human beings.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 4913 dated 13.12.2001

    “We all have an important mission. We all possess the most precious treasure that is life itself. The true humanistic spirit of Buddhism lies in our efforts to touch and inspire the hearts and minds of others through valuing each person based on the recognition that our lives are equal.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 4390 dated 30.9.2000


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