A twist of Makiguchi’s theory by the Avengers Doctor Strange

Cap (Captain America) and Doc (Doctor Strange) are friends in the organization for several decades. Cap had resigned from his leadership position due to disagreement over certain policies and Doc is still on the corridor of power..

Cap: So, Doc what is your take on all these allegations and accusations by the Johor leaders of corruption and mishandling of money in the organization by the top leaders? The fallout eventually led to over 500 leaders resigning in Johor and another two hundred in Kuala Lumpur. Being a top leader yourself, I am sure you are aware of the situation. I always have high respect for your opinion and look up upon you as a person of integrity and trustworthy. So, tell me, why are you guys at the top keep saying all the allegations are simply baseless, created out of malicious intent. That it is the working of the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven.

Doc: You got to understand one thing, Cap. How should I put this… Tell me, are you familiar with Makiguchi’s theory of value? Beauty, Benefit and Good/Kindness, recall anything?

Cap: A little. It was modified from Kant’s theory of beauty, benefit and truth. Truth is being substituted with Good/Kindness. Makiguchi felt that there is not much value in Truth. For example, this is a knife (pointing to a butter knife). That’s the truth. But this knife can be used as a murder weapon, or used to prepare food or in the hand of a surgeon, save lives. That’s kindness. So, instead of Beauty, Benefit, Truth, Makiguchi’s made the adjustment of changing Truth into Good/Kindness. Am I right?

Doc: You’re spot on. That’s exactly what I am trying to say here regarding the Johor incident. You see, the organization is an organization of great good. Truth is secondary. Like what Makiguchi said, Good/Kindness is more important. So, we must protect this organization of great good. At all cost. When truth and good are in conflict, we choose good. The truth can tear the organization apart and destroy everything that we have built thus far and jeopardize the future development of kosen-rufu in Malaysia. Do you want that?

So, the sacrifice and sacking of a dozen leaders are justified by looking at the overall picture, taking a long-term view. This is but just another incident, probably relegated to a footnote, in the magnificent history of Soka Gakkai in Malaysia in another twenty or fifty years.

Cap: Oh Boy! I am impressed. You’d given a whole new twist of Makiguchi’s theory of value. So, correct me if I am wrong, you are saying that, we can sacrifice truth, cover up corruption, silenced vocal leaders by sacking them, and bury justice, protect the wrong-doers – all in the name of protecting the great good? You sound pretty convincing.

Isn’t this the same line of argument or excuse given by religious organizations throughout history to ask their followers to keep quiet and close their eyes to any corruption or sex scandals that they knew, for the sake of protecting the reputation of the organisation and preventing it from being abused by external enemies to exploit it? The Catholic Church with their thousands of paedophile priests, City Harvest founder funding his wife concerts in US with millions of dollars from sincere contributors, the list is long and familiar.

Doc, I just think that sometimes, you guys never learn.

In my many years of reading and studying and sharing lectures and guidance from Mr Ikeda, never once I came across such talk as sacrificng the weak and oppressed for the greater good. Instead, time and again, he said we must have zero tolerance towards corruption among our leaders, particularly the top leaders, because they are the main target of the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven and they are the most vulnerable.

My take, if you don’t do the right thing, call out the corrupt and adopt a no compromise stand towards corruption, you will be the one destroying the organization from within, the worm in the lion’s body and obstructing the kosen-rufu movement in Malaysia.

6 thoughts on “A twist of Makiguchi’s theory by the Avengers Doctor Strange

  1. One question that stand out is how does one wake up the corupt & intoxicated in the corridor of power?
    I just hope that the members & leaders would use their conscience & wisdom for once, step out of the box, to objectively and closely, look at the whole Johor incidence with a critical eye not for the sake of taking sides based on hearsay, bit based on the truth of both sides for the sake of Kosen Rufu.
    One cannot change from the inside as some have said, because SGM’s organisational power structure. Those who’re not familiar with the higher leadership corridor will find this quite hard to do.
    One way is to ask and scrutinize the the details, facts, figures & statistics and with an objective eye. No emotional attachment for the sake of truth, nothing but the truth.
    And most of all, listen and see for ourselves based on both sides of the stories and facts.
    Because the powerful and corrupt are extremely clever at spewing out innocence, double talk and beautiful words and playing with our emotion and pyche.
    Many leaders have been snared by these traps in the past and it’s extremely difficult to get out of that kind of spell believe me for once please.
    Those who seek the truth are never afraid of the evil & corrupt. True lions are courageous like the Daishonin.

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    1. Unfortunately Joe, people believe what they want to believe and I suspect, most members prefer you/me not to rock the boat and disturb the peace and harmonious org of itai-doshin. While some leaders are afraid to lose their position in org, while others are fearful that they may lose their ‘good fortune’ if they start asking question and be labelled ‘evil’. In the end, only when the members and grassroot leaders can stand up and demand for better governance and accountability, we will not be able to see much changes for the better. All I can do is to continue to explain and provide more points for discussion, in the hope that at least I can influence one person at a time.


  2. Interesting and thoughtful post. I think if we were Germans during WW2 trying to help hide the Jews from the Nazi, telling the truth (that there are Jews hiding in our house) will not create “good” but lead to more killing and torture.

    But in the event of hiding corruption — we are not only covering the “truth”, but also encouraging “evil”. The opinion of those Dr Strangessssss in the organisation is very misleading and deceptive.


    1. This is a serious concern. When top leaders liberally interpret and abuse doctrinal and noble philosophy to suit and cover the wrongdoings, then they have went into a different league of evil, more sinister. Supported by twisted theory.


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