Life after resignation

The big question on this Chinese New Year: To resign or not to resign. It was brought on by the mass resignation initiative by Daylight and many have debated over the questions, whether it is wise to do so. And what we can do if we don’t resign. Many have misgivings about resigning. We are certainly… Read More Life after resignation

Animal Farm: Part 3 – Karma of human history

Nonetheless, the good-natured but simple-minded animals continue to believe the pigs. Over time, however, persistent food shortages and a heavy work load take its toll and the animals grow disheartened. Even Boxer, the cart-horse, the most diligent and loyal worker among them, doggedly supporting Napoleon and the revolution to the very end, falls ill. Boxer… Read More Animal Farm: Part 3 – Karma of human history

Jan 2 1953 – Young Ikeda appointed as First Corps YMD Chief

Personnel action (appointment of leaders) carried out intelligently will enrich an organisation and develop the abilities of its members. On the contrary, haphazard personnel changes can destroy an organisation and prevent its members from displaying their talents. Flight, The Human Revolution, Book 2, pg. 833, World Tribune Press Perhaps nothing was more important than personnel… Read More Jan 2 1953 – Young Ikeda appointed as First Corps YMD Chief


在战争里,去诬蔑及妖魔化敌人是一个常用的战略。只有在彻底地把 敌人视为魔而不是人类的情况下,才能让军队里的士兵们毫无犹豫地 去射杀敌人!如果这些士兵能感受到其实敌人也是一个父亲, 也是他人的儿子,或是别人的丈夫,与自己并没有什么差异,那他们 可能就动不了杀机。他们的人性会影响他们的行动。因此,去诬蔑、 中伤及妖魔化敌人是其中一个得到大众支持必用的战略!

在学会当部长的课题- (下)

效果是… 一 : 没有时间进行对话和个人培育 许多干部今天拒绝被任命更多使命的原因是因为他们知道这些责任是不人道的。此外,几乎所有部长都违反了70/30原则,70次对话和30次会议的原则。这是一个很好的主意,但是对这些部长来说是不可能实现的。现实应该接近5 / 95。这5次还是在绝对必要的基础上,如为新人事提名而接见对话。