Cathy, a good-natured, hardworking and sincere young woman, was tormented by slanderous comments that people were making about her. Depressed, she went to seek a senior, Harry, for encouragement. Needed to let her steam out and a shoulder to cry on. Harry lived a simple life, deep in the conrete jungle. After listening to Cathy, he said, ‘Let’s take a… Read More Slander

Animal Farm: Part 3 – Karma of human history

Nonetheless, the good-natured but simple-minded animals continue to believe the pigs. Over time, however, persistent food shortages and a heavy work load take its toll and the animals grow disheartened. Even Boxer, the cart-horse, the most diligent and loyal worker among them, doggedly supporting Napoleon and the revolution to the very end, falls ill. Boxer… Read More Animal Farm: Part 3 – Karma of human history