Updates on governance matters 25/11/17

Progress report: On Governance from the General director in the State Representative Meeting 25/11/17 1. Internal audit – Indah Group of Companies was hired to do internal audit of SGM accounts. Indah GoC has audited the accounts of each state, the Asia Centre for Education and Culture [ACEC] accounts, Tadika Seri Soka [TSS] accounts, Publications accounts… Read More Updates on governance matters 25/11/17

SGM的钱财问题: 与会计师的采访

“假如你不想供养(捐钱给SGM),没有问题。可是你不要福运了吗?我本人肯定不会错过任何可以聚集福运的机会.” . 经过许多年反复的贯彻,会友们对“福运”的理念已经根深蒂固在脑海里。他们供养时,从不过问或怀疑SGM是如何运用那可观的捐款。他们只是关注‘宿命的转换’。我们不是置疑真心供养可以得到公德或福运,而是要求学会以透明性、问责性和良好管理程序来防止贪污和滥用大家真心供养的钱财。 在2016年4月1日理事长发布良好管理的原则,就是:透明、问责、责任感和公正。但是,在没有严厉执行这些原则的情况下,我们是应该如何去确保每一分钱的花费都可以清楚交代,并且是否花费在原来的计划上?是否有金钱被滥用或者流入他人的口袋? 在2017年7月的宇宙报里,SGM刊登了2016年学会‘收入和支出’的资料。 但是所提供的数据只是百分率(%),原本的数目由大家自己估计。假如我们把2015年的定期存款利息的百分率,21%,当作21% = RM11.5百万来推算,所得结果就列在以下的图表: –   SGM 2016 年‘收入与支出’表 收入 % MYR( 百万 ) 1 供养 70 38.3 2 定期存款利息 21 11.5 3 售卖书籍和配件 4 2.2 4 创价幼儿园学费 4 2.2 5 其他收入 1 0.5 100 54.8   支出 % MYR( 百万 ) 6 定期存款 40 21.9 7 资本支出 – 土地与建筑 28… Read More SGM的钱财问题: 与会计师的采访

SGM money matters: An interview with the accountant

‘If you don’t want to do gokuyo (monetary contribution), that’s fine. You do not want good fortune is it? But I will certainly not miss any opportunity to accumulate good fortune.’ Over the years, the concept of ‘good fortune’ has been drilled into the brains of many members. Members contribute without ever asking or doubting… Read More SGM money matters: An interview with the accountant

Why can’t you just trust our top executives?

This is the reason why. We have two separate organisations in SGM, with different functions – the ‘faith organisation’ and the ‘secular organisation’. The faith is the one we are all familiar with and the chief responsibility is to promote kosen-rufu in Malaysia. These functions include Shakubuku (introducing this practice to more people) and expanding the… Read More Why can’t you just trust our top executives?


Cathy, a good-natured, hardworking and sincere young woman, was tormented by slanderous comments that people were making about her. Depressed, she went to seek a senior, Harry, for encouragement. Needed to let her steam out and a shoulder to cry on. Harry lived a simple life, deep in the conrete jungle. After listening to Cathy, he said, ‘Let’s take a… Read More Slander