For the past two years, SGM was gripped by the serious crisis of the Johor incident. Much has passed but little is known. The leaders in general received only bits of information here and there, and find it difficult to defend or convince our members that everything is good and fine with SGM. Hence, we started this website.

There will be a series of articles, looking at the entire issue for various perspective and topics. The intentions of this series are several. Among them:

  • Enhance more understanding of what actually happened
  • Enable more constructive discussion and alternative views
  • Promote the resolution of the crisis and rebuilding of SGM

It is not the intention of this series to vilify or talk bad about any particular individual or individuals. We focus on issues and use facts as much as possible to substantiate our points. We would also be grateful if our readers can respond by giving their opinions, feedback, or point out any mistaken views of misunderstanding. Feel free to disagree. We want to be challenged. With reason, of course.

We are not bragging, we honestly want to get to the bottom of the issue. Only through this, we can resolve our issues. If we are proven wrong, we will be happy to retract, apologise and even write a full article of what and where we have been wrong. We hope it would not be a one way communication. Your comments will not be immediately published on the site as we would like to go through it before publishing it. We hope you don’t mind.

The tone that we adopt here is candid and no beating around the bush. We believe that our readers in general are mature enough and be able to differentiate between good reasoning and nonsense, constructive criticisms and baseless, venomous attacks. We have no intention of undermining the top leadership of SGM, ie. the General Council and the ECC [Executive Central Committee]. If our tone or words come across as disrespectful or arrogant, that is not our true intent. We feel that if we are not candid, we may reduce clarity and even augment the true meaning of what we wanted to say.

This is something that we feel, as youth of SGM, we truly wanted to do. We care deeply about SGM and wanted more than anyone else to see a strong and united SGM. We do not want to see SGM to continue deteriorating and weakening, and everyone acting like the characters in the ‘Emperor’s new clothes.’ We do not want SGM to become another City Harvest. It is our duty to speak up, clearly and firmly, what we truly feel and what is in our hearts to protect the organisation.

4 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Great job putting this up. It takes tremendous courage to lay the facts to educate the members. If you don’t mind, we would like to do a reference to this blog in one of our upcoming posts. Keep up the good work, “a group of young people”!


    1. Thank you very much . We felt it was something we need to do in order for the top leaders not to take our members for granted and continue to give answers that are not answers. Feel free to reference us. We will also do the same in our site, you ok with it?


      1. We have just published a post referencing A Quiet Revolution and also quoted a few of our favourite articles. And we have also put it in our footer widget for ease of reference for our readers to come to your blog. Good luck! And yes, we appreciate your referencing back to us as well, thank you. We now have an easy to remember web address. Simply type and it will bring you to our website. is much easier to remember than 🙂


  2. I sincerely believe that the unfortunate episode is not one relating to the question of faith, but that of our human nature. When we go back to our prime focus of our being in the organisation it undoubtedly is faith. But we can see the the attempt at the resolution is not based on faith.
    Good governance, leadership, authority are best left to the leadership to resolve. Leaders require the buddha wisdom to address issues. We believers ernestly pray that leaders will have this buddha wisdom in resolving and making decisions on the issue at hand.
    When leaders vie for support involving the believers, no matter how and being common mortals, we the ordinary believers will observe with sadness the creeping in the ugly side of politics.


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