Nineteen Eighty Four

Watch the video above. The imposing man on the screen was a depiction of the character Big Brother from the book Nineteen-Eighty Four by George Orwell. Mr Orwell also wrote another book called Animal Farm. Ikeda Sensei shared Animal Farm in one of his lectures. You can also read about it here in Quiet Revolution… Read More Nineteen Eighty Four

An ugly storm brewing in Soka Gakkai – Japan

Serious allegations are flying around the social media about corruption and misconduct of Soka Gakkai top executives in Japan, even demanding the resignation of SGI President Harada. There are photos of hundreds of demonstrators outside the Hall of Great Vow with large banners, as well as a youtube video of an hour long press conference by three… Read More An ugly storm brewing in Soka Gakkai – Japan