Gong Xi Fa Cai, Mr General Director

Excerpts from the SGM General Director New Year’s message, January 2017

Please promise me to work hard over the next two years with our fellow members around the world to expand our network of Bodhisattvas of the Earth, and forge ahead with energy, wisdom and good cheer to make the triumph of mentor and disciple resound into the eternal future of the Latter Day of the Law.

We hear you. It is also our desire to expand the network of Bodhisattvas of the Earth. But then, we would also like you to promise us a few things. Not many, just a few.

Promise us that you will stop terminating and removing sincere and dedicated leaders of kosen-rufu. Even if they ask uncomfortable questions.

The recent termination in January 8, 2017, was not the first. Ten Johor pioneer leaders and one Vice GD were terminated in May 2016. And this round, you even terminate Honbu and Chapter leaders. No good reasons were given for such a drastic decision. When we ask the senior leaders, they simply read us the three points in our appointment letter, which are:

  1. Appointment is good for a period of two years
  2. Must accept any changes to leadership position
  3. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who behave in a manner that is injurious to the organisation.

We find this reasoning cold and foolish. First of all, it is clear for many leaders in general that you are ruthlessly removing all those leaders who disagree and perceived as not supporting you. You have a list, we were told, and that you are not done with it. Needed a few more rounds of cleansing.

Second, what have they done to warrant such a severe punishment? The leaders that you sacked were among the most dedicated and passionate. Some we known for their sincere and large monetary contribution, up to six figures, even shared their experience in IPA not too long ago. One WD encouraged more than 50 new friends to embrace this Buddhism. All of them have since enshrined their gohonzons and many were also leaders today.

Given the background of these individuals, we really do not see the need of such sledge hammer style, which is void of any compassion and consideration.

Promise us that you will carry out a forensic audit into the Johor accounts and settle the case once and for all. Give the much maligned ex-Region Chief justice, if this forensic audit clears him. Or removed him from the General Council if the audit found to be wanting. Justice also to the Rescue leaders. There is no other way to resolve and bring this issue to a significant closure without a forensic audit.

Your insistence on not carrying out the forensic audit and continual sacking of vocal leaders only fuel the thinking that you indeed have something huge to hide.

With all this sacking and termination, no forensic audit and no channels for leaders to voice their grievances, how can we wholeheartedly focus on the shakubuku target for the next two years? You expect us to simply look the other way, while you sweep everything under the carpet? We are not Boxer. And Sensei certainly did not teach us to look the other way.

Presently, many leaders are mulling resignation, while the pro-establishment leaders are busy colour coding each leader into black or white, and identifying those who were ‘influenced’ and who they need to ‘persuade’ or terminate. How are we suppose to expand our network of Bodhisattvas of the Earth, if we are all engaging in fighting one another and thinking of whether to resign now or risk being chopped in May?

Mr General Director, the chopping has to stop. It is not right. It’s Chinese New Year and let’s make a fresh start. There are too much hurt and unnecessary termination. Your actions and leadership has led to many (over 400) resignations and severely damaged SGM. It is unprecedented.

Accept responsibility, admit faults and move forward with fairness and humility. Please do the right thing. We promise to fully support you if you do the right thing.

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

4 thoughts on “Gong Xi Fa Cai, Mr General Director

  1. “The leaders that you sacked were among the most dedicated and passionate. Some we known for their sincere and large monetary contribution, up to six figures, even shared their experience in IPA not too long ago. One WD encouraged more than 50 new friends to embrace this Buddhism.”

    I agree with Quiet Revo. I was at the IPA when I heard the experience shared by the couple. The couple contributed a 6 figure number in one of the contributions. I still remember the wife was sharing that when they both met the target of the 6 figure, her husband teared in front of the Gohonzon. They have worked and saved hard for this day to come. Much later, in another year’s contribution, I bumped into the wife in front of the IPA, she pulled me aside and whispered to me that once again, she has met her 6 figure number. I was impressed and moved at the same time. She was going all out in every single contributions, all out. When the couple knew about the mismanagement of funds within the SGM top leaders, betraying the members’ sincere contribution, guess who will be the one in great pain. Among those that I know, no one feels the pain more than the couple do.

    In another occasion, she said to me that Soka Gakkai is more important than her life, just like our beloved mentor Josei Toda had declared. She would dedicate her entire life to Soka Gakkai so much so that she have thought of writing a will in Soka Gakkai’s name. She was sincere and passionate – for Soka Gakkai, for kosen rufu, for our mentor in life, Ikeda Sensei. Among those that I know, no one loves Soka Gakkai more than she does.

    When the Johor issues were revealed, the couple had many dialogues with the Johor leaders and even the top leaders to find out the truth. They have countless dialogues and many sleepless nights. Now, they know about Soka Gakkai, about the top leadership that is holding the Soka Gakkai back. Ugly truth. Sometimes when she speaks, her voice trembles with sadness and disappointment, shedding bitter tears. No one could ever understand how she feels.

    She stood up. She wanted to revive Soka Gakkai. She wanted the pure stream of Soka Gakkai to flow for future generations. She needed to protect the members. She cannot disappoint her mentor in life. Knowing if she stood up, she will receive persecutions without fail. Yet, she chose to stand up. True enough, she was marked, sidelined, blacklisted and recently her leadership was being terminated. Was she afraid and going to retreat? No. She is an extraordinary woman still burning with a strong desire to save the Soka Gakkai from deteriorating. To this day, she has declared that she would not leave the Soka Gakkai. Among those that I know, no one seeks for truth and justice more than she does.

    To those out there who have accused her of creating chaos on Jan 8, who have misjudged her for being anti-Gakkai and anti-Sensei, you do not know the truth. You are ignorant of the truth. She is someone who will give up her life for the sake of kosen rufu, for Soka Gakkai. Please be the one who protects her and all her comrades who have fought thus far for justice. It was never easy to be the minority, to be accused of being anti-gakkai, accused of creating disunity and being labelled. But these comrades persevere till this day for the members, for future generations. I call on to each and every one of you, to stand up. Be the one.

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  2. In a group dynamics, often one person who is vocal and have emotional appeal will influence the group (ECC) to take drastic actions (labeling, demotion, sacking etc.) Instead of demanding the ECC to resign, it is better to identify that one person with such tendencies to take drastic actions. (The Daishonin called it the “one evil”) Past records and behaviours will be the guide to identify that one person. List down who is in the ECC, how each person in the ECC handled situations where alternative views were presented and their respective responses. Most likely that one person will be revealed itself through past actions and track records. When there are sufficient evidence, launch a nationwide campaign urging the nationwide leaders and General Council members to impeach that person from the ECC. Or make known that person’s tendencies based on track records nationwide so that the person will not feel welcome in any of the states. After repeated treatment of not feeling welcome, that person will voluntarily step down from the ECC. The labeling. demotion, sacking etc. will end. Healing, trust and stronger unity will emerge.


  3. Thank you Anon for your sharing. Am touched by the sincere contribution (monetary or otherwise) of the couple.

    But funny though, I came across comments like “Those who contributed all out or big amount should not complain and feel heart ache when they know about the mismanagement. They have contributed willingly and so don’t get angry and regret now.”

    And many more comments like “The important thing is we contributed to the Buddha and how the top leaders used the contribution money is up to them. And there is this cause and effect principal. So just let it be and just chant.”

    I don’t understand the mentality of those people who commented the above. What is the purpose of gokuyo? Why SGM need gokuyo? If our members sincere and hard earn contribution are not fully use for good cause, not fully use to expand kosen rufu activities, not fully use for the welfare of our members, then what is the purpose of asking us to do gokuyo?

    If we let these sincere members contribution being mismanaged, being misused, then what is the purpose of us contributing?

    I went to use the dormitory toilet in Cheras Kaikan recently. No toilet paper, no hand soap, no maintenance, dirty etc. It is sad to say that the public toilet in petrol station is much better that our toilet. The same goes for the canteen toilet, the kinekan toilet etc. A member did comment that our toilet paper in one of the region kaikan is of the lowest quality. Am wondering why nothing is being done to upgrade all these basic facilities for the members when SGM has so much money sitting in the Fixed Deposit?

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    1. I have the same thought about the toilets, the condition is depressing. I was wondering why no upgrade is being done to those toilets for the comfort of the fellow members who put their heart and soul in the cultural group, gourmet, gardening and members who frequented Cheras Kaikan. And the multi-storey car parks. These ECC members have long forsaken serving the members, they have forgotten that Gakkai is bottom-top hierarchy instead of top-bottom hierarchy, instead they are serving their own interest and any threats to destroy their interest will be terminated brutally. Sad! Such people are in the lower worlds of hunger, animality and anger! Shame on them who by right should be actualising the principles taught in Gosho and fundamental study.


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