Don’t be fooled

We are speaking from experience. Often, our many dialogue in the past with the top leaders are found wanting. These are the common answers that frustrate and irritate more than satisfy. The objective of this post is to point out that we need to engage one another in dialogue as equal, as adults and with mutual respect. Not treating others like a three-year-old by furnishing general answers and conjuring up devils. Faith must never be used as a shield for corruption and misconduct. Not in SGM, and not in Soka Gakkai.

Trust GD. He is appointed by Sensei and we should not ask all these questions.

Asking questions and seeking answers are not a sign of not trusting GD. This is an entirely different matter. We must not use this ‘trust GD’ to silence people from questioning.

Do you know what you’re doing? You are destroying the organization of the Buddha’s will and decree. You are slandering the Law and creating evil karma in your lives.

A most effective approach to create fear among those who ask legitimate questions. When we ask questions, we are not destroying the organization. The organisation has a serious problem that let to the resignations of over 400 leaders in Johor. If we do not ask question and ensure that the top leaders are not one that ‘I scratch your back, you scratch my back’ culture, then, we will be destroying the organization by doing nothing. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to say nothing. We have every right to ask legitimate questions.

There is no corruption. No one pocketed any money to his own account. These are all lies and fabrications. We did an audit already ma. 

This is a lie. SGM even repeated this lie in the circular of Soka Spirit Newsletter. We don’t know whether anyone pocketed money or not. It is premature to claim no corruption because we did not do a proper and thorough forensic audit. It is grossly irresponsible and smells of a cover-up if we say there is no corruption without wanting to conduct a forensic audit. We need to get to the bottom for a meaningful closure.

We are a faith, not a secular, organization. These matters of governance and accountability, election and separation of powers, are not suitable for SGM. You think those public listed companies with the best governance have no corruption? We must all center on the Genera Director. Important is whether we have Sensei in our hearts. 

Because we are a faith organization, our governance should be more strict than corporate companies. This is because it is far more easier for corruption to takes place as people in religious organization are often too trusting and think that everyone else is like them. This is an organization created by our mentor, Mr Ikeda. The least we can do to protect it is through instituting a strong system of accountability, responsibility and checks and balances.

I can tell you everything, but what can you do? Can you help? Or will it just make a bigger mess than it already is?

The problem is because we get too little information. We only get short memo that summarily denounce the NBA and accused them of plotting this for two years. All done without supporting materials and proofs. When question by members, we have no way to defend SGM.

You are not Sensei’s disciple. You do not know what Sensei wants. You will also make Sensei very disappointed.

No one can say whether another person is, or is not, a disciple of Sensei. Only we ourselves can say that. Not even the General Director. Mr Ikeda is the mentor, and we are all disciples of Sensei. It is the disciple himself who decides this ‘mentor and disciple relationship’.

We are being attacked by sansho shima. There is also someone, or a group of people, trying to take control of the organisation. It’s important that we all chant lots of daimoku now and see clearly the face of the devils. GD is a good and clean person. Don’t be used by this evil force.  

This is among the most persuasive argument of all. Many fell for it. Don’t. Remember, we are not dealing with devils and sansho shima here. Granted, this may be the workings of the devils behind or in the minds of our leaders. But to ask everyone to just go back and chant daimoku is superstitious and wrong. It only perpetuate the evil. We have to deal with this directly and absolutely no backroom dealing or cover-up. Only then we can protect SGM. This is the reason why we need to ask legitimate questions.

3 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled

  1. It’s like a blame game, blame NBA, blame sansho shima… If we are practising correctly, we don’t need to blame the situations or the people as the signs of us doing human revolution will be reflected in our daily life as actual proofs. And we don’t need to always claim we are Sensei’s disciple but it’s the behaviour counts.

    I like to share these here.
    “The path of mentor and disciple is not about being pressed into some pre-determined mould or being forced to live in a restricted, confining way. Rather, it is a path that allows us to perfect our own distinct individuality, abilities and character.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 5174 dated 8.6.2002

    The Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka (1871-1913) wrote:

    O words, my weapon, my joy!
    May future generations use piercing words

    in the fierce struggle to redress wrong.

    O faithful sword [that is, words], serve the courageous!

    Do not entrust yourself to the fainthearted!

    Of course, in a democracy all citizens enjoy, freedom of speech, but it is wrong to abuse that right, using the power of words to weave intrigues and falsehoods in order to discredit or ruin others. This is something that everyone in Japan, indeed the world over, should heartily condemn.”

    ~ President Ikeda, SGI Newsletter No. 5870 dated 21.1.2004


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