Soka Spirit – something finally went right

We read the Soka Spirit Newsletter 3 with great relieve, that unlike the two previous newsletters, it did not condemn the NBA or make direct accusations. Instead, they focus on the greatness of Soka Gakkai.

They learn fast and the most consoling things is that they are capable of learning. They learned that attacking others as evil, demonising others by labeling them anti-Gakkai, as betraying Sensei, and brainwashing members into thinking that Gakkai is absolutely correct and not possible to do anything wrong, are all useless and only serve to make the NBA leaders move further away. And raised many questions among the SGM members too, not to mention that many who left were very closed comrades or seniors before.

We applaud the writer of Soka Spirit for not resorting to lowly tactics in this newsletter. Our objective is the same, we want to make SGM stronger. We want to win back our comrades from NBA, no matter how difficult, how impossible or how long it takes. We do not want to tear SGM apart or destroy it. Though this may seems counter-intuitive, but we believe that if SGM, or SGM leaders resort to condemning and attacking the NBA leaders as evil and committing grave slander, then we are not going to resolve, but worsen, the matter.

We need more level headed and practice more restraints in times like this. The true colours of Soka Spirit, we believe, is not as simple as refuting ‘evil’ and justifying one’s righteousness. We should start with the ultimate aim in mind – which is to bring everyone back to SGM, regardless of what happen, who did what, or say what. First order is not to further damage the already strained relationship. Our hearts must be encompassing and forgiving. Also, be humble enough to admit faults on our side. This is the practice of Bodhisattva Fukyo (Never disparaging) and also the essence of the Lotus Sutra spirit.

In this newsletter, it stresses the importance of not leaving Gakkai no matter what. We fully concur. It touched a chord in our hearts. Yes! Though we are not sure the top leaders are happy to hear this, but we want to declare it again here – We will never leave the Soka Gakkai. We will always be here, always speaking up when we see anything amiss or wrong.

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