A few good men

This is from one of the current central leader in SGM. I have not stop for a single day to pray for the happiness of the leaders who were sacked, those who resigned and even those who formed NBA. Every single day, without fail, I am chanting earnestly for their happiness. No matter what, they… Read More A few good men


Cathy, a good-natured, hardworking and sincere young woman, was tormented by slanderous comments that people were making about her. Depressed, she went to seek a senior, Harry, for encouragement. Needed to let her steam out and a shoulder to cry on. Harry lived a simple life, deep in the conrete jungle. After listening to Cathy, he said, ‘Let’s take a… Read More Slander

Unfair accusations and inapt arguments by the Soka Spirit Newsletter

My mother taught me a few things. 1. Money cannot buy happiness But it seemed that SGM did not think so. You see, in the 16 March 2017 Soka Spirit Newsletter, the author wrote: Having money is often associated with “treasures in a storehouse.” Making sincere financial contribution is truly an act of using this… Read More Unfair accusations and inapt arguments by the Soka Spirit Newsletter


这篇文章的目的,不是为了引起任何争议,反而,是想要为整件事提供更多方位的信息和观点。所有的观点都是基于我们所听见的,所看见的。我们不想制造任何的谎言,或造谣弄假,或是隐瞒事实。然而,我们的故事可能不完整,我们也有可能是错误的。 我们认为,在做出任何结论之前,应该先听听双方的说法,这可以为我们提供一些更清晰的画面,以便做出正确的判断。我们不辱骂他人,也不胡乱冠上不雅的名字,因为这样的行为非常地幼稚而且不实际。智者了解事情,弱者针对人物。 就在前几天,SGM再一次发生让人痛心的事件。就是关于收回一个会场的御本尊。让我们先来了解一些背景大意: