Reflections 2017

Started in October 2016, we aims to bring forth more critical analysis and discussion on the problems in SGM, and hope to create more awareness and mature exchanges. Much have happened over this period. At first, we thought that things would slowly die down and normalcy return, after the sacking of ten central leaders in Johor, followed by over 300 resignations in Johor. We thought the chopping would ceased. We were wrong.

We are aware that our appearance will not be viewed favourably by certain parties. We will be accused of being part of a larger plot, going against the Gakkai, and creating havoc. These are not our intentions.

Yet, we firmly believe that it is important to bring these issues into the open and shed more light and understanding. When our top leaders deviated from the fundamental spirit of Buddhism, of compassion, veered from the path of mentor and disciple, terminate those who disagree and ask questions, we cannot stay silent. We believe that we should not simply forget these painful episodes and move on.

The ability to forget the past enables people to free themselves gradually from the pain they once suffered; but it also often makes them repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

Lu Xun

At the same time, we received a lot of encouragement and also participation from our readers in the comments section. When we have doubts, you told us that we are right and we did not create these problems. We merely pointed them out. And that what we were doing is important. We like to thank you for your kindness and confidence in us.

We aim to encourage more people, particularly the younger generation, to learn and understand what is happening and what has happened. Only then, we can mature and become stronger as an organisation. Sweeping issues under the carpet, silencing people by termination and removal, and using Sensei’s guidance and Gosho as rhetoric to instil fear and demand submission, are not the way to go and cannot resolve issue at the root.

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7 thoughts on “Reflections 2017

  1. Quiet Revo, your mission is simply remarkable. Education is necessary to enable humans to learn and relearn the virtues of a Buddha. SGM called itself a Buddhist org but it is no more than an NGO asking for money all the time. What Quiet Revo is doing is to open the eyes of ordinary lay people (since we do not even qualify to be called members) to NOT fall into the greed, anger and stupidity that seems to be engulfing leaders of the day. How sad is Mr Ikeda! How sad Nichiren Daishonin! Thank you kindly Quiet Revo for the time, effort and diligence over the months to educate the masses. You are indeed a votary of the Lotus Sutra! I salute you!!!


    1. Thank you Myoho, thank you very much. We must work together and continue in our mission as Bodhisattva of the Earth in supporting and encouraging our friends and comrades in kosen-rufu.


  2. Yes QR I salute you and your group for the concern, passion and ourage to protect the mystic law with same spirit as the Daishonin! Your profile slogan and your never give up spirit speaks for itself.
    I believe those who heed the words of the Daishonin will concur with you.
    As I said before and president Ikeda and the Daishonin warned several times if we read their writings, that, only those with power and authority in the org can destroy Buddhism, not you or anyone else, simply because we don’t have the authority.
    Those who are afraid to speak out for the sake of good and truth due to whatever reason are like what the Daishonin said “The sword is useless in the hands of a coward”
    If our intent and concern for law is clear, any questions and crisis is for the good and improvement of the org. Otherwise how can one improve and move forward? Didn’t buddhism teaches, without the muddy swamp, how the Lotus flower bloom?
    QR what you have done so far is clear for all to see and according with buddhism.
    My gratitude goes to each one of you.


  3. Merry Christmas and HNY to QR and all KR comrades. Celion Dion’s song “So this is Christmas”. She asked “What have you Done? a New Year has begun”. 2017 I have chanted 1.4 million daimoku and accumulated 9.4 million now. One new member enshrined Gohonzon in April. We finished study two important gosho “兄弟抄”and “佐渡御书”every Sunday at my house. Encouraged one new member started chanting and attending meeting. 2018 we will study Nichiren Daishonin’s one of the most important Gosho “开目抄”. 佛法即道理~一个人在四十, 五十,六十岁时 将是像一颗堂堂大树般成就广布千秋大业, 或是变成软弱的枯枝朽木, 这完全取决于一个人处理困难的态度.我不会忘记这一点


    1. Thank you Mr Lee for your thoughts. Some of us at QR are also huge fans of Celine Dion. We also salute you for your earnest practice of chanting and shakubuku. There is a lot we can learn from your example. We wish you Merry Christmas and a Great New Year ahead too.


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