A few good men

This is from one of the current central leader in SGM.

I have not stop for a single day to pray for the happiness of the leaders who were sacked, those who resigned and even those who formed NBA. Every single day, without fail, I am chanting earnestly for their happiness. No matter what, they are still my friends.

Temperature is high at the top. They wanted to draw a clear line. Emphasising us and them. They also ask our members to cut off all communication and relationship with anyone who resigned or sacked. Or deemed ‘anti-Gakkai’.

But I am not like them. I know what they are doing. And why. But for me, I always put comradeship first. I mean, c’mon. We have been brothers for long, gone through thick and thin, fought side by side since I cannot remember. Does that mean nothing? Does that mean I got to cut my ties with them entirely? Certainly not.

So what if my friend join the NBA? So what if any of them leave Gakkai and embrace Christianity or Islam? The important thing is their happiness. I don’t agree with their actions. But this will never change my feelings and concern for them. That’s why until today, I continue to send my daimoku to them daily.

After all, I believe this is what humanity and compassion that Sensei is talking about. We need to maintain our ties. Strengthen them even. Regardless of the sound bites from the top, the important thing is to always support, encourage and be there for one another. That’s our humanity. Whatever differences or anger, we can always transcend them. One day, in the distant future, I have hope that they will come back to our big family. I am sowing the seeds for that day to come.

You see, Buddhism is all about relationship. The reason why we see and hear so much anger and hatred is because we see one another as separate, not connected. But we are. Everything, every person, derived from the One Single Law. There is really no point to hate or scold one another just because our thinking is different. The beauty of Buddhism is that we can learn and grow when we encounter people who are different from us. Not just beauty, but this is a core philosophy of Buddhism.

And if we are able to encounter one another in Gakkai, it just means that we are brothers and sisters of Myoho from the infinite past. This is also from Sensei guidance.


5 thoughts on “A few good men

  1. The highest compassionate act of the Buddha and a true disciple of the Buddha is to indentify and remove the root cause of all problem and inequality and conflicts. For this, one needs to utilize critical and objective thinking and courageous action. Critical thinking also means going beyond one’s own self righteousness and dogmatism and bias beliefs. After all Buddhism is reason.
    Kind thoughts and prayers alone is not enough. Courageous action to get to the bottom of the controversy and disharmony is the org is urgently needed and required.

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    1. Agree with you that kind thoughts and prayers alone is not enough. They are essential and necessary, however, as a starting point. Having a sharp eye and taking courageous action are the suffificent condition. We need both.


  2. It is a universal fact and common sense that to listen to one side of an argument is to know half the truth, never the complete truth. So if we have not hear and listen to other party’s side we will never know the truth and will never be able to solve the problem.
    But the fact remains, that such half truth position is a danger to the organization and its mission of truly achieving kosen rufu. This dilemma post the possibility of committing slander against the Law and our own self. Think carefully.

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  3. One of the way to perceive peace meaning is equality. All issues must be openly in heart to heart talk. It is a dangerous way if we only hear one side since we were given two ears in nature. It will not sound if we just clapping one hand. Just word to ask gohonzon is not enough. In fact action will be more effective. There are no two lands in Buddhism.


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