Farewell and we love you, Daylight

(A reply to Daylight’s final post here.)

Hello Daylight,

We would like to thank you for your effort and dedication in shedding much light, understandings and perspectives into the issues that concern SGM. You have opened the eyes and minds of many. Unlike what happened twenty years ago, where information is sketchy, we have a better view today due to the bright daylight that you showered on us.

We can also feel your sincerity and your genuine desire in not wanting to cause trouble, but to solve problem by going into the root cause of the issues raised. You do not want anyone, including the wrong doers, to be punnished or to rot in hell. We can see your intention through the postings.

History, people say, is written by the victors. Those who left, some twenty years ago, were demonised as ambitious, arrogance, jealous, possessed by evil, and that the top leaders were all saints and they did their best to protect the members and the organisation. It is due to these absolute dedication that we have our SGM today. So the story goes.

Today, like what you said, history repeats itself. Again, history will be written by the victors. But with a slight twist. Losers write blogs. Whatever it is, things are changing and times are different. We are certain that what you have done with this blogsite will have great impact in the long term. Only time can tell.

Gandhi said, ‘If what I said is right, I will continue to speak from the grave for a hundred years to come.’ Or something to that effect. Nichiren Daishonin also said, ‘If Nichiren compassion is truly great and encompassing, this teaching will spread for ten thousand years to come and more.’ Things in SGM will change for the better. Not now and probably not in the near future. We must have patient and continue to lay the groundwork. Daylight will be a part of an important bedrock for a truly humane and compassionate organisation.

Tell you a secret. Last year, we (the authors of QuietRevo) were deliberating and having doubts of whether to start a blog, and out of nowhere, Daylight appear and make all our concerns and worries petty and unnecessary. You have given us courage. Thank you again, Daylight.

In this journey, we are happy to know that we have like minded friends. No matter what happens, the foremost thing that our mentor wants is for us to be happy. We are practising correctly and reading and learning from our mentor Mr Ikeda. Only through our own actual proof and human revolution, scoring victory after victory in ourselves, our famnilies and friends, that we can demonstrate the correctness of what we are doing.

Allow us to end this by a song ‘That’s what friends are for’ by Rod Stewart originally, but Dionne Warwick cover is more popular.

And I, never thought I’d feel this way,

And as far as I’m concerned

I’m glad I got the chance to say

That I do believe I love you


And if, I should ever go away

Well then close your eyes and try

To feel the way we do today

and then if you can remember


Keep smilin’, keep shinin’

Knowing you can always count on me for sure

That’s what friends are for

For good times and bad times

I’ll be on your side forever more

That’s what friends are for


2 thoughts on “Farewell and we love you, Daylight

  1. I know of a few inactive leaders in my district. They don’t come out for meetings anymore but surprisingly they still chant and practice at home. When I asked other leaders why they don’t come up, nobody knows. Apparently, these behaviour of top leaders and alleged womanising and mishandling of funds already started years ago and some of these leaders knew. They were the minority then. Since they are not able to fight against big waves, they stepped off. Back then there was no blog to document about it. Nor was there people who believed you even if you tell them then because it’s one or two voices against the leaders. Think about it, somebody – do you know anyone in your district who was leaders but has resigned? You can ask them.

    I echoed Quiet Revolution – that’s a great thing you guys did there, Daylight – you set the ball rolling. You keep these leaders in check. They have to watch their moves, hopefully they will repent and be a better person to bring the organisation to the right path. I salute you!


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