Reply to Mr Guywithasmile

From Mr Guywithasmile

For the top brass of sgm to change it can only thru dialogue. If one dialogue failed, we have another one..then another one till things resolve. While all these r being attempted undyingly, we should continue to progress as a person , a daishonin’s and sensei’s disciple. Im jst wondering r we still trying sincerely to establish actual face to face dialogues with these top brass or we hav accepted tat they will never change?? I strongly feel tat while we r doing wat we r doing now.. we should continue to have dialogues with more and more sgm leaders including the top brass.. regardless of how difficult and not assume its useless or impossible. Coz ultimately our aim is for the greater good.. and not our own satisfaction.

Thank you Mr Guywithasmile for your thoughtful comment. We fully concur of your point that we cannot give up on dialogue and press on, and engage with the top brass as much as possible.

Also, you brought up a very important point on ‘continue to progress as a person.’ Thank you again. It is a very timely reminder as often, we can be overwhelmed by anger and frustration at the sheer damage that is being inflicted by irresponsible decision makers at the top on the organisation. You are right. We must progress as a person. Show actual proof in our family, workplace and gain trust in society. This is human revolution.

We believe that it is the responsibility of all thinking leaders to engage in dialogue with the top brass. Many do not want to get involve and say that they do not have full information and thus, refuse to engage. They were not comfortable with confrontation. Better leave it to other people, to those who are more articulate. So long as this attitude of ‘leaving it to others’ persist among us, we will not see any meaningful change. The rot will continue, grow worse and the powerful will continue to use their power to silence dissent and control the memberships through focusing on ‘devils talk’ and asking people not to read or talk to those who are unhappy with the organisation.

The purpose of our blog is to provide more information and facts, as objectively as possible, so that our leaders can be armed and engage the top brass with facts. This will prevent the top brass from spinning or lying, saying blatantly nonsensical things like ‘There has been no termination. The unhappy leaders resigned,’ to twist the facts. Meaningful dialogue cannot continue if they deny even the most basic facts.

The organisation belongs to all of us, not just the few people at the top. We must take full responsibility to understand correctly what has happened and how we can move ahead with an amicable and thorough solution. Regardless of position in the organisation, we need to take full responsibility and engage in dialogue with the top brass.




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