The authors of QuietRevo are going to hell

Eric    : Brother, I am sure you and your friends are going to hell.

Logan: Why do you say that?

Eric    : Well, GD said it in the March ALM last Sunday to all leaders. Not only are you going to hell, but even your future generations. Sometimes I wonder, are you not the least afraid? I mean, not to say that I agree with GD entirely, but just to be on the safe side. Well, perhaps, you need to tone it down a little. Anyway, there is cause and effect. These top leaders are well aware of the consequences of their actions, I guess. If you commit a wrong at high position, your negative karma would multiply, I was told. So, we really should just let nature, the Law of Causality, take its course.

Logan: I see. But, did he mention what wrong exactly that I commit?

Eric    : You use social media, Quiet Revolution was mentioned twice, together with Daylight, to create disunity and destroy the harmony of the Buddhist Order, the Sangha. This is one of the Five Cardinal sins. So, yeah. You cause people to have doubts. Those who read, those who start asking questions after reading, their faith will be shaken and doubts will enter their minds. This will slowly fester and lead them away from their faith. And he also praise your ability in using nice words and language. The Devil of the Sixth Heaven, he said, also uses beautiful language to seduce people.

Logan: But that’s not a fair accusation. We, in QuietRevo, always write with facts and reasons. Also, we are not privy to inside information. So, we look at what we can see, public records, and ask questions. The top leaders, ECC and GD, should come forward and clarify. They can use facts to counter, refute and most important, reassure our leaders in general that things are in good hands. Not using slander and Five Cardinal Sins as a smokescreen to instil fear and assert their authority.

Eric    : But you are afraid by the threats?

Logan: I am afraid. I am very afraid. Now that he said it in the open, I figure that I have no choice. I really got to go to hell, at least once.

Eric    : What do you mean?

Logan: Ikeda Sensei in a special 5.3 lecture, last two years if I recall correctly, stressed on the importance of getting along well with one another. Even those we disagree. He warned that if the disciple falls into hell, the mentor will also fall together. Thus, I have no choice but to go straight to hell to save our GD. Much that I disagree with him, I do respect his Buddhahood and I firmly believe that he has a role to play in all this, a mission in teaching us something about faith and respecting each person Buddhahood.

Eric    : You think our GD will fall into hell?

Logan: No, I don’t think. I know. Not will fall. He is already in it. Many leaders commented that GD looked haggard and worried, a man under siege, living in fear and uneasiness in his heart. Watching his every word and even requested YMDs to be his bodyguards. Don’t get me wrong. I am not cursing him. I am just saying he is in pain and suffering right now, in another word, in a state of hell.

Eric    : Why do you say he is afraid? Afraid of what, exactly?

Logan: Look, SGM is a large organization with over 40,000 members and 350 million ringgit in fixed deposits. And what is Daylight and Quiet Revolution? Just a couple of young people who feel unhappy about the way the organization is today and wanted to make the members more informed about the real issues. That’s all. Can we make an impact? I doubt so. Just mosquitoes. But even a few mosquitoes like these make GD went out of his way to warn all leaders not to read them, and using fear tactic, saying that reading itself can be slanderous. Just stick to official materials. 1984 all over again. Why so afraid if what we say is not true and baseless? But if it is true, and the questions we raised are legitimate, then, one would indeed be afraid.

Eric    : And then there is Vice GD Mr T, spewing hatred and vulgarity on his facebook postings, totally unbecoming of a Vice GD of SGM. A total disgrace. Yet, no mention by GD. Why? Mr T also uses social media ma… This is double standards and selective persecution. Attacking the weak and small, but fear the fierce. Sounds like Animality?

Logan: That’s why I said GD is living in fear and in a state of hell. Honestly, I do not want to undermine him in anyway. I am just focusing on the issues. Say what he wants about us or our ways, but we will continue to chant for him, for his happiness and peace of mind. We will focus on issues of governance and respecting each individual.

Eric    : But it does not matter what you say. You will lose. GD will win. Simply because he is GD. Leaders, in general trust him. They believe him. Just listen to the applause that drowned out the WD who was asking question last Sunday. There are many leaders who are afraid and in their fear, they stick to GD. And GD said that we must use the power of the organization to quash all evils.

Logan: That’s true. Leaders in general prefer to support GD even when there is no solid facts or reasons. I shiver when he said ‘use the power of the organization’. In all the Sensei guidance I read, I only come across Sensei urging us to have dialogue to resolve differences, heart to heart, use compassion and our humanity to solve problem. Carry out our own human revolution, not asking others to do it or pointing the fingers at others and labelling them evil. Soft power, remember? Never in my life I come across Mr Ikeda say use ‘the power of organization.’ This is wrong. This is exactly what Nichiren Daishonin was fighting against, the evil authority that oppress and suppress the righteous and the just. Coming from a General Director, such words and tactics are dangerous.

Eric    : But one thing he said made sense.

Logan: What’s that?

Eric    : He urged all leaders to speak up against evil when they see evil. At the grassroot level, we must speak up. But I find it difficult to speak up and judge what is right and what is wrong if I only listen to one side of the story. And that GD ask us not to read Daylight and QuietRevo. I don’t think the leaders can give convincing or persuasive answers to the questions raised. All they can say is – ‘Just go back to our basic practice la. Don’t care la. Let the wrong doers suffer their own consequences. They will suffer one, I am sure.’ But that is not the right approach.

Logan: I agree with GD also. We must speak up. So far, I have made many attempts to have dialogue with top leaders, but they avoided me like a plague. They knew they do not have the answers. But talk behind my back. Whatever it is, this don’t bother me much. I practice the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. Do you know the main difference between our Buddhism and other Buddhism in general?

Eric    : I don’t. Not really.

Logan: Buddhism, in general, teaches about karma and the importance to accept them. If you want to do something, you got to wait for the time to come. But Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism is about transforming one’s karma, now. Keyword is transforming. The idea of not doing anything and simply allow the top leaders to do whatever they want is not the right approach. It is certainly not Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, as interpreted and personified by the three presidents of Soka Gakkai.


6 thoughts on “The authors of QuietRevo are going to hell

  1. To all brothers, sisters , uncles and aunties in SGM and NBA !
    Please Don’t Be So Fanatic in Faith lah !! Let’s back to Correct Faith OK !


    The following as a summary of the guidance given by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda at the 1st commemorative Kanto General Meeting in conjunction with the 3rd YWD leaders’ meeting at the Tokyo Toda Memorial Hall in Sugamo, Japan on January 15 ,1991.

    The other day I received a letter from a member from Kyushu. It was about the speech I gave in Kyushu during the 1st Kyushu Youth Division general meeting (on March 21, 1973). The member called my lecture unforgettable, and copied it out and sent it to me.
    In response to that member’s sincere faith, I would like to share the contents of that lecture with you today.
    At the general meeting, I spoke of Correct Faith.
    “In matters of faith and belief systems, correctness is an absolute requirement. Without correctness, faith can only be fanatic. If the object of worship – is wrong, your faith is incorrect. But, we do not have to worry about that. The Gohonzon is absolute.

    For us, the only problem that might arise is distinguishing between correct faith and fanaticism.”
    I continued : “What’s troublesome about fanatic faith is that it can happen even if we believe in the Mystic Law. Who is troubled by it in the end ? The one whose faith is fanatic and others with whom the person comes into contact.
    There can be no argument that the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin is perfect. But, we who believe this are, as ordinary human beings, definitely not perfect. However capable we might be , there is always a limit to our abilities.

    I cannot help believing that fanaticism begins from the Arrogance that we are absolutely correct and we have no need to listen to what others have to say. We can also see beginning signs of fanaticism in a person who arbitrarily interprets the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, slanders and persecutes fellow believers and others based on selfish view and prejudices.
    Such individuals are smooth operators and have clever tongues. Because faith manifests itself in daily life and all things are Buddhism, people lack common sense and cause trouble for other people are also taking the first step towards fanaticism.

    There were some of my remarks in that speech. I went on to say that the faith of people cannot distinguish between ideals and actuality is also problematic , adding “ We must not be that way. For us, correct faith is facing whatever may happen and for our own sakes, acting and practicing correctly amidst realities of life in accordance with Daishonin’s teaching.
    There can be no incorrect faith among those who believe in the True Law, but there can be fanatic faith. Whether a person has correct faith or fanatic faith can be seen in one’s behavior. A person who behaves in an anti-social fashion or lacks common sense in his words and deeds , thus causing trouble for others, is not a person of correct faith. That is the behavior of someone with fanatic faith.

    Among the fourteen slanders we find : contempt, hatred, jealousy and grudges. A person who commits these slanders though upholding the Mystic Law is fanatical.
    Devadatta is often used to exemplify envy, Kishimojin, jealousy. Envy is truly a negative state of mind that can only bring harm to people’s lives. It is hellish state of life. Since, of course, all of the Ten Worlds of being are to be found within each of the ten – since the Ten Worlds are all mutually inclusive – we all possess the potential for this ugly state of life.
    It is precisely because we are keenly aware of that reality that we seek to improve and advance ourselves to the state of Buddhahood, praying for the happiness of ourselves and others. This is the reason for Buddhist practice.

    We have no need to be shaken no matter what hatred and jealousy are directed at us, nor should we allow ourselves to be fooled no matter how harshly we are slandered. Let us always strive to develop faith and thus lead correct lives.


  2. We need to always reflect upon ourselves, never go to the extreme. The ancient wisdom is always practical, just like what Confucius taught, adopt the middle way. Everyone of us are capable of committing good or evil as everyone has 10 worlds, it’s therefore important to reflect upon ourselves. I have to refute what Ouchi San claimed that the GD and WD chief are strong enough that the devil cannot enter their life but has to enter the life of others! First warning to fanatic faith -> the absoluteness of GD and WD chief! What disgusted me is most leaders accept it as it it without any question! This is a cult teaching not ND’s nor sensei’s teaching. I never come across this statement in any of Sensei’s speeches or guidance.


    1. Dear longlive SGM,
      ‘Most leaders’ do not and maybe, cannot, think for themselves. They automatically accept what is told, particularly from some Japanese SGI leader. Also, they do not read and ponder deeply on Sensei guidance and study the Gosho earnestly. That’s why they prefer to watch TV, accept everything from familiar authority [like GD or SGI] and refuse to learn, or afraid to learn, from alternative views. This is our biggest problem. This mentality. This allow corruption, creulty and arrogant authority to rein in SGM today. Not GD or SGI leaders.


  3. Oh ya, Sensei mentioned that we shall not curse any leaders death even though we don’t like him, never pray in front of the gohonzon that the leaders will die. Although it sounds funny, let’s ponder deeply what Sensei was trying to tell us back in 2000. I pointed this out as I read some cursing statement in GD’s memo! Pls don’t set a bad example for us, Mr. GD!

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    1. Dear LongLive SGM,
      We agree with you entirely. Cursing is wrong. It is not funny. Though we also cannot lose our sense of humor. Otherwise, we will be insane with so much contradictions and perversion happening in SGM today.


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