Comments by BoE

We find this comment by BoE very enlightening and should be a post by itself. So, here goes.

I am very disturb on the way the top leaders especially ECC, speak and act in these 2 years. The whole agenda in the recent March ALM is to instill fear, to threaten and to “brainwash” the sincere leaders. I do not want to use the word “brainwash” as it sound so terrifying but I can’t think of any other words. Right from the start of the meeting with YMD chief explaining on 3.16, WD chief and Vice GD (from Klang) on the recent SGI seminar sharing which become a kyosen sharing by attacking the NBA and finally the highlight of the day, GD speech.

The worrying part is that those sincere and committed leaders in the IPA who has taken faith for many years believe what GD and the rest are saying without questioning. I can understand them as not long ago I was one of them that support GD and top leaders 100%. What GD said is correct and we must follow and whoever question and accuse GD of wrongdoing are against Gakkai, are devil people with bad intention to destroy Gakkai. And this is probably what the majority of the leaders in the March ALM were thinking. They agreed with what GD and the rest are saying, they clapped hands to prevent the WD from asking questions as a form of protecting Gakkai. Minority are being oppressed and GD just pretend the WD who stand up did not exist. Is this how you treat a WD? Is this how Sensei would have acted is such a situation? It is heartbreaking to see such a scenario on that day.

And to add salt to wound, GD speech was defensive and threatening up to the point that he mentioned those who create disunity will fall into the hell of incessant suffering FOREVER and that your future generation will also suffer. This alone will stop many leaders from questioning and challenging the top leaders. No doubt creating disunity is one of the 5 cardinal sins but to use it in the context on those who challenge and disagree with the ECC on governance, financial and administration issue, is totally irrelevant and absurd.

GD arrogantly concluded his speech by asking those with intention to destroy and split Gakkai to leave the organization as these members are not “fit” to stay.

Is asking question and seeking clarification on financial and governance matter fall into this category of not “fit” to stay. All GD wants is those obedient leaders who don’t ask question and just work selflessly for Gakkai.  And even if they are in doubt, they should just follow instruction silently. The moment the leader start to question, then they are considered “against Gakkai”. To Mr GD, you are either “for Gakkai” or “against Gakkai”. There is no in between.

On one hand, GD is asking those not “fit” to leave and on the other hand he is asking all leaders to work hard to achieve the 20,000 new shakubuku target in these 2 years. Such a contradiction! Does he know that it is not easy to shakubuku even 1 person let alone foster that person to become a leader. How can he so arrogantly ask those not “fit” to leave and terminate those he don’t see eye to eye. Salute him for doing just that!

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