Who, what, why and how

Who we are

A group of young people who are profoundly worried of the recent development in SGM, and felt the urgent need to ensure that we learn and grow from this.

Our purpose

1. To provide an opportunity to view the incident from a different perspective, base on the awareness that we are true disciples of Ikeda Sensei

2. To provide a platform for our readers to share their opinions and concerns.

3. To enable the youth to realise the importance of developing strong and wise leaders in order to protect the members and safeguarding the future of our beloved SGM.

Not our purpose

1. Undermine the current top leadership.

2. Provoke members to take action, eg. signing petition, mass resignation or wearing yellow t-shirt to meetings.

3. To get support for any initiative to remove anyone.


The content may be highly disturbing or uncomfortable to the reader. It may cause drowsiness, lack of focus, insomnia and even emotional distress.

We are not kidding. Stop reading immediately if you feel the content too uncomfortable for you.

Our tone 

Candid and direct. It is never our intent to ridicule or insult any individual. We do apologise if any word feels that way.

We try our best to focus on issue and only write about matters that are substantiated and true.

We are not ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ SGM and find such manner of categorising people unhelpful, disrespectful and boring.

Guiding philosophy

“Misfortune comes from one’s mouth and ruins one, but fortune comes from one’s heart and makes one worthy of respect.”
– Nichiren Daishonin

We hope the content here will not be used for the purpose of condemning or vilifying any individual. Please be always mindful of our guiding philosophy.

We would be most delighted if the content and discussion here can bring more light and understanding on the core issues, facilitating informed and constructive dialogue.

4 thoughts on “Who, what, why and how

  1. Your youthful spirit bring back memories when I was young😊 As a woman who practised faith in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for 34 years, I admire the courage of the youth of Malaysia.

    Sensei most famous words of encouragement is : “Hitori tatte no sesihin!” It means the stand alone spirit! Where Sensei stand alone against many leaders who are not practising correctly.

    The only best guidance that I can offer you, young protectors of the Daishonin’s teaching is to chant whole heartedly, “I pray that all Gohonzon, all Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, the true entities of all practitioners of Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching to use all their limitless powers and immense mercy to cause all practitioners of Nichiren Daishonin’s to practise and transmit the Daishonin’s teaching correctly and to cause and ensure that all Gohonzons to be transcribed as instructed by the Daishonin’s major writing and transmit it correctly for posterity. Cheers


  2. Everybody who used the popular verse of “Itai Doshin” – One in Mind and Body to propagate a teaching, please use it correctly. The Law of Cause and Effect is very STRICT!

    It does not judge! It’s simply there. So whether you are practising correctly or not, you should know. Buddhism is all about Reasons and Humanism😊

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    1. Dear Sue,
      The term Itai Doshin is being bastardised by the top leaders now. Asking questions regarding financial mishandling in SGM and unfair termination of leaders are regarded as breaking unity and destroying itai doshin. This is just wrong. We cannot practice correct faith and the org will not grow if we continue to misuse and bastardise important terms like itai doshin.


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