Why we sack those leaders: Part 2

It is all staged. These sacked leaders at the IPA glass door, on Black Day January 8, planned the entire thing. How we know this? They call in the reporters. And several people got their handy cam ready. Tell me, would you bring a handy cam when you go for meeting? Don’t fall for their trap. Don’t be conned. Use your common sense and answer me this question; Will a true disciple of Ikeda Sensei want to create such a huge commotion and record and send it to many people?

That’s some serious allegations here. Let’s look at this point by point.

  1. Who called the reporters? Some SGM top leaders accused that it was the sacked leaders who called the reporters to come. But no evidence or names were provided. in other words, it is baseless. Don’t even entertain this theory, unless the person claiming it can provide actual names and/or evidence. Otherwise, it’s crap.
  2. Handy cam theory. Well, yes, these sacked leaders were unhappy about the manner they were sacked. One phone call and some, just a simple WhatsApp message. All less than two days notice. They wanted to come and attend the meeting, and listen for themselves to confirm their termination. Is that wrong? Even Mr Ikeda was allowed to attend the 5.3 meeting and gave a speech before he stepped down. Perhaps, some may want to record the event on that day. Is it wrong? What about SGM? GD also instructed a video group person to record the entire saga. Why? Don’t they have similar intentions?
  3. Now, the killer – using true disciple of Ikeda Sensei in an argument. It is a very strong and persuasive argument for the less sharp and naive leaders in general. But can we really make any conclusion from a three minute video clip? Recently, an edited video clip about the lion not willing to dance for the PM went viral, and it only backfired when the lion dance troupe told the media that they were only peeling oranges, not unwilling to dance. This is a classic tactic used by the malicious intention people, to skewed the entire picture and present the sacked leaders in a truly negative light.

But all the arguments and counter arguments above are insignificant and irrelevant compare to the main issues that SGM top are leaders trying very hard to avoid and divert the attention of our leaders. These are the main issues.

  • What have these leaders done that the ECC made the decision to sack them?
  • Why are there no explanation as to the reasons for their sacking?
  • Did the ECC follow the proper procedure in sacking these leaders? Who are in the nomination committee and do they all agree to it?
  • Why were they given only two days, or less, notice?
  • And lastly, why do you want to bring up conspiracy theory like ‘who call the reporters?’ to divert the attention from the core questions? Who is conning who here?

3 thoughts on “Why we sack those leaders: Part 2

  1. Well, they can go ahead and sack as many as they want or like, because, in the first place, are they really leaders of the organization? Or just practitioners / well wishers who are persuaded to take up leadership roles base on faith and a sense of mission felt through the practice. I would safely assume almost all of us are just practitioners / well wishers who took up leadership roles base on a strong sense of mission and gratitude, and not so much as wanting to be a paying and official member.

    Now, let’s get a bit technical here, basing on general society rules, the person(s) holding office must first and foremost be a member of the society. To be a member of a society, one must be registered in the roster and pay a monthly subscription or yearly, depending on the rules. Also, the roster of members, accounts and all statutory must be submitted to ROS yearly to ensure its sustainability. This is applicable to all societies, NGO and related organizations.

    Basically, refering to the above, we are not official leaders, we actually cannot represent the organization officially, we are not binding to the rules and therefore, they can’t sack us as leaders. In actual fact, unless we are official members, we are only wellwishers or normal practitioners of the faith. Just like people that go to temples and pray and do some donation.

    So, no need to feel bad or betrayed, coz you have been donkeyed for many years….

    Just a thought after having a few barrels of beer…cheers!

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    1. It’s true, Drunkard Bird. Surprise how your thinking become so clear after a few barrels of beer. Remind me of the Drunken Master, by Jackie Chan, once upon a long long time… Many leaders do not even realise that there is such a thing call ‘associate member’ and ‘full member.’ What are they and why it is important. When I ask them why they not interested, they only reply, ‘Oh, we are not politics and we only want to practice faith, practice and study.’ Thus, we failed to force through any meaningful form of check and balance in SGM and even after the fallout in Johor incident, SGM seems to insist on going about its old ways, and only pay lip service to matters like transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility. The root cause of all these problem lies in the general attitude of our leaders, not the top brass. They are apathetic. They don’t care, and don’t know. Worse, don’t want to know.

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