Why we sack those leaders

Ken: Why such a big fuss about the sacking of the leaders in KL? Look, it is clearly stated in the appointment letter. Haven’t you read that? Any appointment of leadership is good for a period of two years. Leaders must accept any form of changes or transfers of position within the period and SGM can terminate your position if your behaviour is deemed to be injurious to the reputation of the organisation. Everything is clearly written and GD has the power to remove anyone he deems fit.

Sara: You must be an idiot.

Ken: Really? Enlighten me then.

Sara: All right. Answer me, Why do you think SGM put those conditions in our appointment letters?

Ken: It is to protect the organisation against those who are out to take advantage of the organisation and the members. With clearly stated conditions like this, we can always fall back on it.

Sara: So, can we say that this is similar to the Sedition Act, or Peace Preservation Law where the first President, Mr Makiguchi, was imprisoned for? The intention of the Act or Law is to protect the country against extremist or terrorists, or fanatics that abused their freedom of speech and propagate hate and instigate violence, correct?

Ken: And you point is…

Sara: Same with SGM rules here. These rules are meant for those who are acting to destroy the organisation. Those who were sacked were not doing such things. They merely ask questions and demand actions to be taken by SGM to investigate the allegations of mishandling of money and conflict of interest, where the Ex-Region Chief of Johor, opened a company and sell hundreds of thousands ringgit worth of goods to SGM each year. That’s not right, and a certainly a clear case of conflict of interest. He was so blatant that he even instructed SGM to issue a cheque to his personal name. These are not allegations or accusations. These are facts that were reported by the SGM Finance Com of the General Council investigation. It was tabled in the All Leaders Meeting in Johor, on 17 January, 2016.

Yet, until today more than a year, the Ex-Region Chief is firmly sitting in the General Council, untouchable, while those leaders who voiced their disagreement were sacked. And these rules in the appointment letter is being used to justify the sacking. No reason given. Just read the rules and expect all leaders to kowtow and accept the decision without protest. This is plain stupid, which is why I say you are an idiot. If this is not heavy handed authoritarian then I don’t know what is.

Tell me, what is the difference between the jailing of the cartoonist and opposition politicians under the Sedition Act, by interpreting it liberally to eliminate dissenters from what is happening in SGM? The rules are there for a good reason, but now it is being misused and abused by evil authoritarian forces to silence the voices of dissents. This is wrong.

We also cannot fail to notice that those leaders who ask questions and demand answers were ‘reassigned’, from the position of ‘Chief’, to ‘Vice Chief’. I am not saying this because I think positions are all important. It is important. But that is not the point here. The point here is the systematic and ruthless removal dissenters are just plain wrong. GD is literally pushing all the dissenters to the fringe and even sacking those who made loud noises, while staffing the central leaders with only those that he trusts and loyal to him.

This is also making many top leaders who possessed uncompromising integrity to resign as they simply accept such inhumane and authoritarian actions. Soon, SGM will become something akin to the China’s emperor, all powerful and surrounded mainly by eunuchs, while the capable generals are either chopped or leave on themselves. The Emperor will be happy to see all these trouble makers departing and even celebrate. The ruin of the kingdom begins.

Ken: But GD is always right. He is appointed by Sensei. We should trust him. We must. And you should not call me an idiot.

Sara: But you are. By telling me these rules for the justifications of sacking great generals of kosen-rufu. Those with a minuscule amount of intelligence can see that this is not the reason. The reason for the sacking is purely to silence their voices. This is so ironic, so contradicting to the Buddhist philosophy that we preach here. No wonder we are not growing. Leading by a group of hypocrites and protected by idiots.

3 thoughts on “Why we sack those leaders

  1. I feel so ashamed of our GD and leaders’ behaviour and most rude manners for sacking people like that. It’s totally against Buddhist teaching. Is this the behaviour of a Buddhist ?

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  2. My dear Ken, Sara is very kind by calling you an idiot. I think you are more then that. GD is a common mortal, just like you and me. Even if sensei appoint him, does not mean became God. He not only can make mistake but can also be very evil, if he is not careful. Members who think that just because he is appointed by sensei, he is always right, does not understand ND Buddhism.

    Sensei only agree to his appointment. Through recommendation from the late GD, with the approval of SGI. It does not mean that Sensei know him so well and admired his perfect personality and ability. Pleased do be mislead.

    Ken, you are not following Buddhism. You are following a cult.

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