The ‘untouchables’ in SGM

I understand and accept that there are problems with the organisation. But that does not mean that we should go and broadcast it in the internet. Say, you knew that your father did something not right. Are you going to tell the whole world about it? This will definitely affect our members and create doubts in their faith. We resolve our issue internally. Not publicly. Whatever is said and done, it is wrong to use social media. It is irresponsible and you just make the situation worse.

Why do you blame me for this issue? Why do you blame the reaction, those who use social media to disseminate information, as the main culprits? And why do you even want to attempt to stop these acts?

Allow me me to explain why I disagree with you.

Social media is a reality and information spread at lightning speed. Wake up. Open your eyes. No organisation or government can cover up any wrongdoing and protect the culprit nowadays. However, I also understand that in large organisation, there will be those in power, would eventually cross the line and give in to their greed and selfishness. That is not the main problem. The main problem is what we do about it. More precisely, how do top management respond. Three things they need to do.

  1. They must be fair, and seen to be fair, in dealing with such matters. Top management cannot deny and deflect the issue by stating ‘evil plot behind’, ‘black hand’ and ‘devils entering the body’ of those who ask question.
  2. They must be transparent. Show us what you have done. Top management cannot just allow the social media to spread. These things, unfortunately, do have a tendency to take on a live on its own and things can spiral downwards very fast. [This blogsite aim to focus on the main issue and speak up with objectivity and reasons.]
  3. Communication. It is only the actions and the communication of such actions to the general membership that can reassure and regain the confidence and trust of members towards the top management. In the Johor case, we have a classic example of how NOT to manage a crisis. With each step, each action and each memo from the official sources, SGM only make the matters worse. There is no thorough explanation, no concrete action and no fairness in resolving the issue.  Instead, top management sidelined top leaders, sacked vocal leaders, did not follow the proper process in sacking, demoting and appointing new top leaders, and worse, no explanation given.

We live in an internet age. And we cannot go back to the stone age, where top management can take their own sweet time to rectify a problem, or cover it up and continue ‘giving chance’ to the wrongdoer, even silently encouraging it by taking no action.

It is plain to all that the double standards that SGM practice today. We have a certain Vice GD who throw dirt, spewing hatred and alleging serious corruption of past GD, wrecking the good reputation of SGM repeatedly on facebook [Can he get more public than this?] and yet, no action is being taken against this Vice GD. Why? Because he is another ‘untouchable’, like the one down south?

And the few leaders who disagree with the decision of sacking the Johor leaders, were sacked swiftly and mercilessly. If you do not want people to write negative stuff on the internet and social media, do the right thing. Do no double standard. Do it fast. And communicate to all leaders and members about it.

If you want to sack, go ahead. But do it with the proper process, with the right reason and explain thoroughly as to why this decision need to be taken. We, the members, are sensible and reasonable people. We know what is good reason and what is nonsense. Don’t simply ask us to support GD, trust SGM and all other organisations are evil, out to destroy SGM.

The top management, GD in particular, has the power to stop the negative publicity in social media. Not by telling others, or threatening, or pleading, for others to stop. Rather, by doing the right thing. Doing the things that suits the new environment we are in today.

Mr Toda was right. The greatest enemy of the Soka Gakkai does not come from without. It comes from within. And no, it is not those who write stuff on the internet, but the top leaders that want to protect wrongdoer, the ‘untouchables’, at the expense of the reputation of the organisation. Covering one lie with another, and another, until it does not make sense anymore to any thinking people. Of course, many still prefer to support SGM and accept whatever conspiracy theory they peddled.

17 thoughts on “The ‘untouchables’ in SGM

  1. An organization that don’t embrace technological and social media changes, will become obsolete in due time, failing to accept that the internet of things are part and parcel of life now.way, or the highway).

    I assume that it took generations to create a cult like leadership and thinking, and it will take another generation to change it. While keeping people aware of the situation plaguing our beloved organization, we also need to let the old generations run its course – that is naturally passing on. Moreover, don’t expect much changes from the leadership as they are from the old school of thought (my

    In the meantime, a suggestion to all the leaders of sane mind that is still (or have become a member) in the organization to educate and empower the youth through study of the gosho and other SG publication and lead them straight and proper. Its a long journey, but I think a journey that is worth going on, as I am also looking at the future when I have kids. And a journey that I am contemplating to go on.

    As bleak as it seems…there is always a light at the tunnel, or a silver lining if we embark on a journey for truth, justice and kosenrufu.

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  2. Lion could only be destroyed by the parasites residing inside the lion. SGM could only be destroyed from within, if the so-called “anti-Gakkai” groups as labelled by SGM could destroy SGM, why is SGM still here? SGM could only be destroyed by the ECC who are in total control in and total power over SGM. They are holding on to their position so desperately as they will also not be spared shall the organization collapse as the members all over the nation will bring them to justice once they are awakened to the brutal truth!

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  3. has anyone talk to those insensible top leaders, especially “THAT” vice GD who keeps throwing dirt and accusing the past GD in social media??? and his so called supporters who joined in the scoldings are plain idiots too. . .
    Can we try home visiting these top generals and have another dialogue with them?? Im sure we are all civilized people, can still try to have an open heart to heart dialogue? right? talk to them one by one.. even if they were adamant during the initial few dialogues.
    You think that may help?


    1. Well @guywithasmile you can easily nail down who is that vice GD in fb and invite him for a coffee and ‘dialogue’. That is if you have a chance to even talk or even pause to breathe. Read his post and try to get a feel of how that dialogue will be… .. Would love to see you write abt the after thought of that dialogue.


      1. Frankly, you will be wasting your time with such a character who gives SGM a very bad name. Personally, I would prefer to spend my time in something more worthwhile and with some more civilized people.


      1. To be more specific that irresponsible idiot is none other then the pompous and arrogant Tay Y Hoo. He gives the SGM and its leadership the worst possible unnecessary publicity. He is a disgrace to one who practices the Daishonin’s Buddhism. I personally have a very negative impression of this low life character because of his very callous behavior when he visited our local organization a few years back. I am still waiting for him to come again so that I can take up some personal issues with him. His behavior is totally unbecoming of one in his position and proper disciplinary action should be taken against him which is long overdue. SGM should show some leadership!

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      2. Dear Mr bcphua,
        You echoes my sentiment. I feel that this ‘low life’ is desperate, pitiful, just seeking for attention, totally lost his mind and suffering in the knowledge that he has lost relevance and basic respect from members. Also, given his age, there is not much he can do. But then, from a Buddhist perspective, we can also say that he is born to assume this role to teach us what compassion really means, and how we can respect each and every individual. Not easy, but we need to be careful not to be sucked into hatred and be consumed by our own anger. Of course, he will have to answer to his own actions.
        What I am more afraid is the rise of the young top leaders, young MD, who has bad records of improper behaviour and sexual misconduct. All was forgiven and closely covered. This will be our nightmare reborn. TYH jr.


  4. I was attending a wedding dinner last week, and I was sitting next to a pastor and we had a little chat about the political landscape of our country and some refugee aid that he was involve in through his church. He shared with me on the conditions of the refugee camps in Malaysia and how the refugees were treated, and it was not a very nice depiction of the things that the authorities did to these refugees.

    One thing that the pastor said that struck me was the state of the conscience of the government, authorities and to some extend the citizens of this country. He commented that, in some way we have lost our conscience to do the right thing, to do the humane thing and in the process lost our humanity and dignity, leading us to do many inhuman actions upon ourselves and others.

    Looking at the situation at hand at SG, we boast that we are an organization of peace, base on the compassionate spirit of the Daishonin, to respect each and every individual and to preserve the sanctity of life, unfortunately, where were the conscience of these leaders to act compassionately, respectfully and with self dignity? I think it took a back seat and will remain there for as long as the conscience of those leaders lay dormant.

    Would a person of conscience, who represent an organization of peace, go against its beliefs because of some differences in opinion? Would a person of conscience hurl insult and abuse to those that have a difference in opinion? Would a person of conscience label another just because they ask questioned on relevant issues?

    if yes, then there are no more conscience and right thinking person(s) left in the organization. Only with a clear conscience can we say we are practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism, and members of the SG.

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    1. Dear Drunkard bird,
      It’s true what the pastor said. And it’s also surprising that you are so clear despite not being in a sober state, drunkard. :p
      But seriously, common sense today is no longer common. We are living in extraordinary times. SGM is like that. Society is the mirror.

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  5. I like and agree with drunkard bird and quietrevo last comments. If we cannot handle our in-house affairs and put them in order and keep suppressing fellow members and leaders, then one should already sense the top leaders are not genuine and sincere. How to continue propagating world peace and happiness to others. This is hypocrisy.


  6. Ariel Durant Quotes – “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”
    The same goes to any modern day organisation.


  7. When I think of the stories about your “leaders” and some people’s behavior I know my own here in Germany, I think about a different reaction, a buddhist point of view, like Quitrevo stated in his post. From my opinion it all comes back to our reaction as an organisation in the priesthood-conflict. I will not say taking a distance and going as an independent SGI was wrong! Think it was the only way to go, BUT: This was the first time in my life being a SGI-member when “we” reacted without any compassion. Many statements about the priests were ful of hate, also official ones. That time few of us thought and said: Let them go, but let us look at them with what we learned to call Buddhas compassion. They do very bad and wrong and as we learned about cause and effect means they naturally have to pay their own price. But I still think OUR hate, our disrespect for the truth of their innate Buddha nature opened the door to this change in behavior, a new unconscious dogma of some people who are not worthy. If we have had the courage and inner freedom to act like Fukyo in that situation, we could have become a very much stronger and fully free organization without compromise.
    Open fighting against corruption and against down-looking on other people surely is nessecary to raise a good reformed SGI on the base of Nichirens teachings for the future.
    If we can act with respect and bring up compassion for the persons doing evil, may be we change the karma of the organization in the deepest, were anger, hate and disrespect weekened us before.
    To me it seems like the hardest way and requests lots of trust, courage and believe in a yet hidden way to embrace and create a peaceful future world.


  8. Doing what is right and not retreating a single step admist criticism is the hallmark of a Buddha that carries the title of “One who can endure ” and “Hero of the World “.

    As the Daishonin states “To be praised by the wise is the greatest joy of all”. Let these Inchantikas or ignorant people criticise you or us. It doesn’t matter. What we strive for is for Justice and the restoration of Nichiren Daishonin’s original spirit. What matters most is not who we are in the eyes of Inchantikas , but our action in the eyes of Buddhism and the Mystic Law – Honourable.

    Continue the battle. Following the spirit of Nichiren Daishonin- “Still I am not Discouraged” & “Not retreating a single Step”

    Regards ,

    Rissho Jonin


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