Life after resignation

The big question on this Chinese New Year: To resign or not to resign. It was brought on by the mass resignation initiative by Daylight and many have debated over the questions, whether it is wise to do so. And what we can do if we don’t resign. Many have misgivings about resigning. We are certainly in uncharted territory.

We do not have the answers. It is a decision that each and every one got to make for himself. But if you do resign, or already resigned, we want to share our views with the hope that it can offer you some food for thought.

  1. Never give up faith in the Gohonzon. Base everything on the Gohonzon. It is easy to say now that we will not give up our faith. But from past experiences, we have seen many instances where those who had resigned eventually gave up their faith entirely. We understand that many were very deeply pained by the sheer arrogance and cruel actions of top leaders in the past two years. The Soka Gakkai and the power of the Daishonin’s Buddhism are correct. It is only the top leaders that are at fault. To give up our faith will not be worth it.
  2. Do not argue or quarrel with other leaders on this matter. Do not look down or belittle them as retards. We may disagree on this issue, but we are still friends. Remember, human first. Dialogue is possible, but avoid hostile confrontation. Also, the wrongs were committed by top leaders, the ECC, to be precise. The decisions to terminate and not to pursue thorough investigation into Johor’s account were made by the ECC . It has nothing to do with the other leaders. Though many chose to fully trust GD and went out of their way to rebuke those who ask question. Do not worsen the relationships. Treat each person as a Buddha and continue to value them as a Bodhisattva of the Earth. They, too, have a unique mission. To teach us, perhaps, the real meaning of compassion.
  3. There will be hurtful words and false allegations like you going over to the other side to play basketball or were an agent of Nikken, etc. It’s ridiculous, we understand. Regard it as no more than dust before the wind. Don’t get angry. Don’t go down to their level. Stay above it.
  4. Study Mr Ikeda’s Gosho lectures and guidance, read as if a thirsty person seeking water in a dessert. Set aside some time everyday for serious study. Many people give up their faith due to a lack of study. Their shallow understanding of Buddhism and the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism make them ideal candidates for abandoning faith.
  5. Gain trust in our workplace. In fact, being a trustworthy and dependable person in our workplace is one of the most fundamental criteria for kosen-rufu. Otherwise, no one will listen to us, and we can never persuade others to practice this Buddhism if we have a lousy character. Gain victory in our workplace. Show actual proof. If you move up the ranks, fantastic. If you do not, fine. Showing actual proof simply means we gain trust of our colleagues and our friends.
  6. Continue to support, guide and encourage our members, whether we are a leader or not. The word ‘priest’ in Chinese means the ‘Teacher of the Law’. The Teacher of the Law is not decided by outward appearances; the robe, the large beads, the bald head, etc. Rather, it is in the actions of protecting the purity of the Law and propagating it. Similarly, a ‘leader’ of Gakkai is defined as a person who lead others to happiness, leading them towards the Gohonzon and towards our mentor in faith. Whether we have a position as a leader or not is not important. Our practice is one of practice for oneself and others. Never think that ‘I have resigned and I will no longer care anymore.’ Sensei do not want us to abandon our members.
  7. Last but not least, chant more daimoku. Daimoku serves to strengthen our Buddha nature. The benefit of chanting include purification of our six senses, discarding evil and revealing good, and most important of all, attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime. The best time to chant daimoku is when we are in deep pain. The Gosho passage…

Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life, and continue chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, no matter what happens. How could this be anything other than the boundless joy of the Law?  “Happiness in This World” (WND, 681)

To sum up, it is important that we become even stronger in our faith after we resign as leaders. Think of it not as giving up in our struggle for a cleaner and stronger SGM. Rather, more like Nichiren Daishonin moving to Mount Minobu after three of his remonstrations to the government went unheeded. He used all his life to foster disciples for the sake of future propagation.

Many have fought and struggled, and gained victories in the past in SGM. We have a lot of memories and build many good relationships with people. We have also accumulated great good fortune and developed our faith. To resign today does not mean that all these are being negated. That was phase one. We have won. The victories and benefits are real and no one can take them away.

Today, after we resigned, we are moving into phase two. We want to go back to our roots and care for them. We want to go back to our own basic practice, strengthening them through our faith, practice and study. There is no way we can win by keep attacking the top leaders. Too powerful and too much poisons (greed, anger, stupidity) in their lives. The time and the people are not ready. Even after massive sacking and hundreds of resignations in Johor, SGM moved ahead and business as usual. Majority of our leaders are not ready, prefer to turn a blind eye, and hung on to wrong views, like GD is always right, all those who ask questions are trouble makers and we just need to work harder.

Looking at the overall picture, we can say that it is a good thing that happened. We are turning poison into medicine. Resigning, by itself, is not regressing or giving up faith. Rather it is how we continue our practice after our resignation that determines whether we are victorious or not.

10 thoughts on “Life after resignation

  1. i think there is no need for anyone to resign… as once u resigned u wont be able to attend leaders meet therefore not knowing what’s the latest progress of sgm.. unless u have already given up hope completely on the organizations and feels u cannot do anything about it also started not going to any form of meetings anymore due to frustrations..
    i feel we should just stay on till the very last moment.


  2. I do agree with guywithasmile to a certain degree on the matter of resignation, but its entirely up to us and our conscience.

    Everything we do in SGM is base on volunteer work. SGM don’t owe us anything and we don’t owe the organization anything except our gratitude for having a support group for our faith.

    Leadership role and responsibilities in SGM is highly dependent on the ability of each leader to realise their mission (as leaders) and to self initiate actions (Faith, practice & study) to be taken to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, being a leader in SGM is mainly a self motivated and self action position – any challenges faced doing kosenrufu, will get encouragement from senior leaders only- where one will have to take on all initiative to realise organizational goals.

    In recent times, attending leaders meeting is more like a formality, and the agenda for these meetings are more announcement on activities, statistics, upcoming activities and plenty of sensei videos. There is actually no real detail road map presented or a proper review done on current situation and how we are going to move forward. In that sense, going or not going for a leaders meeting….you will not miss much. The only this attending leaders meeting is to catch up on some gossip or discussing some gakkai issues.

    Unless your a region level or higher, will you have insight into how the organization is run and what are the real issues facing the organization…..and how issues are resolved (good and bad ways..i guess)

    My take, resignation is entire up to oneself basing on ones judgement and conscience. It also hinges on what are the changes that you think you can make by staying – this mainly would be to ignore the issues at hand, and to take care of the innocent members – and how far you can get your point through. So, if your to stay and to survive, be like a politician, swim with them and subtlety make the changes within. if you can’t, be ready to be labeled.

    So, swim with the sharks, abide your time and strike when the time comes.


  3. To some people, with solid integrity, they simply cannot accept being a leader with an organisation that is helm by cruel and ruthless individuals, acting in absolute authoritarian manner and using dirty, scheming political tactics to silence those who ask questions. Thus, they chose to resign and not be associated with so many corrupt leaders and do not want to be encouraging such leaders by remaining a leader.

    It is also the same with some of the leaders attitude. When the Vice GD was terminated from his position, many more intellectual and highly educated leaders have the opinion that it was wrong for the Vice GD to make public his letter of termination, as this may cause members’ faith to waver.

    Little did they want to know or felt indignant as to the manner he was terminated, the lack of reasons and the sheer malicious intent and political maneuver to get rid of him behind such move. Also, the multiple misconducts and mishandling of financial matters by the Johor Ex Region Chief were also ignored. The list is long but they want to forget all about that. Instead, kept harping on the single act of making the termination letter public.

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  4. I am of the opinion that we are in this Society for happiness of self and then of others. But over the past one year, I find that all we talked about are these issues and as I start to learn more, it become to look a lot like politics. Lots of shady intrigues, underhanded activities, cronism, “Sedition Acts (ISA)”, etc. I have enough of these with Malaysia politics and it is damn discouraging and disheartening to see similar type of patterns in this organization which dedicates itself for peace and happiness. While I can’t migrate out of Malaysia, I can definitely choose NOT to follow the leaders of SGM until things are sorted out. Life is too short to be caught in another type of “politics”. There are lots of other things to do, members to talk to, personal goals to meet, family time, etc. I am more convinced that being a member is a better life for me than being a leader.

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  5. I agree with you qwerty colemak, totally. Being a member seems more blissful then a leader.

    Reality bites. Currently, SGM is nothing other than just an organization, just like any business or social entity….hmm, then again, maybe its just an entity.

    Only when issues like the Johor incident, will you be able to see the real side of the organization and its leadership and practitioners. Without the incident, we would still be living in the bubble world of goodness, pious, humanitarian and bliss (which is a good thing) and probably ignorant to the undercurrent of supposed deceit, corruption, cronyism,gossip, marginalization and etc.

    Understand that people makes up the organization, and its is also people that corrupts it. There is also a saying, “The rot starts from the top.” So, it has to start from the top, if things are to get better.

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  6. Thank you @qwerty colemak. Speak what is in my heart. Didn’t Daishonin warned us not to follow people but follow the law.

    There was an whatapp & memo that was sent out from the KL Soka Action committee before CNY to attack the post that Daylight posted on resignation. Instead of threatening leaders not to resign and accusing them , shouldn’t these top leaders reflect on why leaders would want to resign. Instead of attacking and threatening and labeling, can’t the top leaders reflect and review and repent what they have done until it reach this stage.


    1. It’s easy to push responsibility to others than to take ownership and reflect, I guess they like to use shortcut and the blame game so that they don’t have to go through the pain to change and admit that they are wrong. This is the practice people use in the corporate world, but it’s a shame they practise the same in the faith organization. Mind them, when they point the index finger at other, 4 fingers are pointing back at their face. It’s a shame that they are still in denial, deeper and deeper.


  7. I believe why those who resigned from sgm are not necessary lacking in faith & study as typically labelled by SGM. There are many because they sincerely studied and put what they studied into practice wholeheartedly resigned simply because they’ve seen through it all and awakened from the lies and real faces of Soka Gakkai. Enough of the poisons.
    Those who like to stay on have various reasons too I can think. Some likes to continue to pretend, some have some vested interest, some have been and still deeply affected by Soka Gakkai’s strong poisons and etc.
    As we all know, the Daishonin strictly teaches that only faith in the correct law enable one to attain buddhahood. That’s why he admonished all his disciples to follow the true law, not depend on any person to attain buddhahood or enlightenment.
    Yet today Soka Gakkai claim without the org, one cannot gain good fortune and happiness!!! They also claim that without Ikeda one cannot attain enlightenment!!!
    The Daishonin and Shakyamuni Buddha never teaches that!
    To follow SGM is not only stupid in the highest order, it is directly going against the very HEART of the Daishonin’s teaching and the purpose of his appearance in this world.


  8. We are living in a world of denial where what is wrong can be camouflaged to appear noble. Take for example the concluded campaign to shakubuku 20000 ‘professors of happiness’. I can’t speak for other states but I can say that it is a big sham to just pad up the numbers so that we can achieve the target. In the process the naive n innocent members are taught to bend the rules just so the target is achieved. The end justifies the means even though the organisation principles are compromised. What a disgrace! I cringed when I watched the video of SGM MD chief reporting on this so called victory in Japan. The gall of it all! This turned off a lot of discerning members. Under the ‘great’ GD, we are able to shakubuku 20k new members in two years when we hv failed to achieve this figure for god know how many donkey years. Shiok sendiri saja.


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