A day of sacking, reshuffling and cowardly act

Why did the ECC terminates the leadership of sixteen leaders in KL? (Six more were terminated for joining the NBA and three who asked to be member. Seven more were transferred to the MD and WD from youth division, some prematurely.)

Because they signed the petition that asked for the resignation of the entire ECC.

This is, perhaps, be seen as a serious act of disobedience. A direct challenge to the authority of the ECC even. It is an unforgivable act and it must have consequences. They must also be set as an example for all leaders. After all, SGM is strong and have thousands of leaders. Most of them trust our GD completely and think that the GD is always right. What are a mere forty leaders?

Our question is – Is this the way to deal with people who are dissatisfied with the top leadership? Did they really meet, have dialogue with an open heart, and genuinely listen to them as to why they signed the petition and get to the root of the problem? They may have misunderstood certain issues, or influenced by certain individuals. Whatever the case, termination is wrong. Unless they are spies from Nikken Sect. Are they? Not likely. We knew these people very well.

What are the impacts of these terminations on the leaders? What are the emotional tolls this would have on them?

  • Being terminated as a leader in SGM carries a deep level of shame. Over the years, we have formed many ties and bonds with many people. Families, friends, colleagues, and relatives, we literally know each other very much. If one were to be terminated, there is little place to hide if one were to come out for meeting.
  • Give up faith entirely. It feels like being betrayed and cheated. It’s really difficult to continue on this path of faith. All the rhetoric about justice and equal respect for each individual are not what it is in real life. In SGM, we say one thing, and we practice quite another.
  • To some people, positions in SGM are something they carry with pride. It is an important and significant aspect of their lives. Thus, being stripped of their positions unceremoniously can have a severe impact on their well-being.

What about the impact of those people around them?

  • Family members. Their parents may feel hurt and pained. Shame even. Older people may feel that one will not be able to accumulate good fortune if the is not a leader. In the past, one of the reason for not sacking the Ex Johor Region Chief as General Council member is that it may affect his family members. So, why the double standard here?
  • The juniors that these sacked leaders were taking care of. If you see your senior, someone you respect very much and has sincerely care for you, being sacked in this ruthless manner, what do you think this junior will do?
  • The fervor for kosen-rufu in the community. This is outright demoralizing. Following on the termination will be many more leaders choose to be inactive or give up their leadership all together. Too frustrated and disappointed. This will certainly affect the kosen-rufu movement for decades to come in Malaysia.

Did the ECC consider these matters before they make the decision to sack? Or were they intentionally doing it to inflict these pains to teach them a lesson?

Sacking is simple. Just a stroke of the pen and print the appreciation certificates. Of course, notify people at least two days. Done. But the consequences? Do they care? Are the six ECC members even capable of a little empathy, putting themselves in the shoes of these leaders, before they make up their minds?

Why do they still choose to take this ruthless and cold termination? Two reasons we can think of.

  1. To intimidate all the leaders in SGM. The message was especially targeted at those who still want to ask questions and bring up issues. The ECC is literally telling them, ‘Look, if you talk some more and sign any stupid petition, you will receive the same fate. Remember, we have all the powers.’
  2. The ECC would rather sacrifice these leaders in order to quell the dissent and stop them from influencing more leaders. They just want everyone to focus on shakubuku and not ask any question. Sacrifice others to save themselves. The ECC, till this day, refused to acknowledge that there are serious and legitimate issues that need to be addressed in an impartial and transparent manner in order to have genuine closures. But no. They wanted to sweep everything under the carpet, go on with their outright denial, blaming everything on evil and others plotting against them, and replacing dissenting voices with more obedient ones at all levels.

Remember this, Mr General Director and the ECC members, the Law of Cause and Effect is strict. We fully knew what it was all about. It’s cleansing of those who are oppose to you. And you are also fully aware of the real motive behind these unprecedented terminations and massive reshuffling of chiefs. It’s blatant and it’s ruthless. Do you genuinely think it is the right thing to do? Can you honestly say that this is for the good, even necessary, of kosen-rufu? Or is it necessary to save yourselves? This is a cowardly act.

What you are doing is not only causing you to create a lot of bad karma in your lives, but it also severely damaged the organization and compromised the growth in the future. How many decades do you think it will take for SGM will recover from your macho and reckless decision today? Where is your humanity?



2 thoughts on “A day of sacking, reshuffling and cowardly act

  1. The fact that most of the sacked leaders were once the darlings of the top brass. It’s funny even to see how they are now quelling dissent from the bunch whom they so called spent time to groom. However if there are evidence of crime it should be reported otherwise shouting and protesting based on hearsay is just playing into the hands of the power brokers. Note this is still an internal issue unless there is substantial evidence being displayed or formally investigated all the dissent would means throwing the entire organisation into limbo


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