Should I continue reading ‘A Quiet Revolution’?

A lot of not so nice comments were said about this blog since we started in October. It ranges from a bunch of fools with nothing better to do, washing dirty linen in public, NBA sympathizers, to more serious allegations of being a tool for Nikken Sect out to undermine the leadership of SGM. These comments were opinions of certain people and  unsubstantiated. They do not even attempt to be constructive.

We write with facts. We try. If there is any point that we made here which is not true, we would be most happy if our readers can point it out to us. We believe our readers and us are mature and sincere individuals who only wanted what is best for the organisation and the members. We are ‘one in mind’ to protect SGM.

We intended to share these information here because our repeated attempts to dialogue with the top leaders failed. Not only it has no effect, we see more and more unreasonable and insincere actions by them. We feel that these continuous insincere actions will further harm the organisation in the future. Thus, we need to get the word out to make people aware of what is happening. We hope more leaders will speak up for what is right and just if more of them are aware of what is going on.

We are aware that this make many people in SGM uncomfortable. We were used to trust our leaders a hundred per cent and it did not even cross our minds that anyone inside SGM would want to commit any wrongdoing or take advantage of their power. It is far easier and peaceful to simply listen to formal communication from the top and closed our eyes and ears to alternative views. After all, the General Director and all the top leaders were appointed by Sensei himself, the reasoning goes.

When we started this blog, we are certainly in uncharted territories. But to make SGM strong and safeguard it against evil forces, the members must be wise. We cannot out-source our thinking to others, simply accepting everything we hear and parroting it down to other leaders. It is only when more and more members become informed, involved and speak up against evil, we can eliminate evil from the organisation.

By turning a deaf ear or refuse to know alternative views, and insist on being ignorant, is not a right strategy.

But then, some may ask, what if I am not able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad from the information here? What if there is some smart people with malicious intent manipulated the information with the intention to confuse and sow mistrust of GD? Wouldn’t I be let astray unwittingly? Wouldn’t it be better simply to not read and ask everyone not to read, and pretend that there is no problem with SGM?

These are difficult questions indeed. Perhaps, we can think of ‘A Quiet Revolution’ as a doctor (just a metaphor). When we see a doctor, he will run all sorts of tests and then tell us the result, be it our blood pressure, cholesterol level, or bone density. And no one likes bad news. Yet, it is precisely the bad news that allow us to take proper steps to regain our health. It would be lunacy to ignore or refuse to listen to the test results.

Same with the posts here. We are the messengers, bringing you the results. We also prescribe, or suggest, actions where we can take in our chapter. But that is a personal decision. Entirely up to you what you want to do.

When we have doubts to what we are reading, or dislike what we read, what do we do? Seek a second opinion, of course. Even a third. Ask for clarifications from top leaders until we get satisfying answers. Leaders, according our mentor, are the servants of the members. Top leaders are top servants. They have a responsibility to give clear and solid answers to our doubts. We can only become stronger and increase trust when we have more understanding, not less. Brushing off all alternative views as evil will not resolve our problems. There is nothing to fear. (For more info, read here).

At the same time, we must also remember that there are two aspects of our faith. One is to keep the organisation clean by being informed and keeping a strict eyes on those in power. The other is our own practice. We must not allowed these issues and scandals in SGM to affect our faith in the gohonzon and our ties with Sensei. We must continue to care for our members with utmost sincerity because that were how our seniors did to us. There will be problems in large organisation and we must be patient. Keep in mind not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Throw only the bad elements, not the entire organisation.

It is not easy to have joy and vigour for our effort in kosen-rufu under our present circumstances. But we must try. And be careful not to scorched the seed of our own happiness, our own Buddhahood, when we are consumed by anger and hatred. We repeatedly read the guidance below to remind ourselves and to make sure that we do not lose the big picture of our practice.

Buddhism reveals the ultimate law of the universe and the ultimate principle of achieving happiness. Taking faith in Buddhism plants the seed of true happiness in our lives. Therefore, we must not uproot and throw away, scorch or otherwise, spoil this seed of happiness by harbouring hatred and jealousy against fellow believers and discarding our faith.

No matter what happens, please continue to chant daimoku in both good times and bad, irrespective of your joys and sorrows, happiness and suffering. Then you can seize victory in your daily life and in society. It is to you that I entrust the future task of kosen-rufu.

Daisaku Ikeda, 14 February, 1990 – Soka University, California




9 thoughts on “Should I continue reading ‘A Quiet Revolution’?

  1. Please continue. Not only you. Every bodhisattvas of the earth, everyone who love ND Buddhism and everyone who are committed to kosenrufu, must continue to speak our mind without fear. This is the only way to ensure ‘ NMHRGK will spread to eternal future’.

    If the current administration continue their methods of managing the organization, ND Buddhism will not prevail. At this present moment, their actions are again ND teaching. In the name of sensei, in the name of protecting the gakkai, they used their position, power and authority to persecute those who are sincere in protecting this organization and ND Buddhism. Leaders got sacked, leaders got sidelined and leaders been threatened to be demoted. These actions significantly reflects THE THREE POWERFUL ENEMIES in actions.

    I am now writing to all, I have no fear because I truly know I am not slandering. Speaking with our sincere heart, for the sake of kosenrufu is not a slander. On the other hand, knowing the truth, but yet protecting the perpetrators, not have courage to speak the truth or trying to protect their own position, I honestly think, is slandering.

    I pray with all my sinsere heart, that the six ECC, will listen to the grass root and embrace all the members to revive the movement. By inviting leaders from SGI leaders to support what you are currently doing is ridiculous.

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  2. Dear Mr Lee, who we are is not important. Asking 10 times will not make any difference. The purpose of this site is for education and awareness for our members and leaders. If you think what we said is incorrect, we welcome to hear your points. Otherwise, beating the same dead horse (on asking our identity) will not yield different result. Thank you.


  3. Mr. Lee,

    I beg your pardon, but please do not embarrass yourself or the people that your representing with remarks that has no relevance to the topic at hand. Responses like yours only proves that there ARE wrong doings in the organizations and the tactics used are DEFINITELY to cover the ass(es) of someone.

    The people that set up this blog has already stated the purpose of this blog and laid down clear criteria for comments. Please note that they could also NOT publish your comment if they wanted to but they did not.

    I would appreciate if you could comment with more maturity and as a Buddhist (If your a practicing one, that is)


    1. Simple question to you. Will you practice this Buddhism and chant Nam myoho renge kyo if you don’t know who’s nichiren daishonin?
      Will you follow a guidance from a anonymous?


      1. Dear Lee,

        I think if I were to be back in the times of Nichiren Daishonin, I seriously DONT think I would be bother to know who he is first but what he said. If you read the gosho diligently, the gosho states he was just a fisherman’s son, a monk who has been exiled to Sado and a man that was being persecuted by the authority. Do you seriously think who he was made that difference to his followers?

        I think what he said and what he did and what his action made that difference. Coming back, if you have a solid comment, to comment on this topic, please do share. We would love to hear your valuable thoughts.

        Respecting the sanctity of life, regardless of the skin colour, the face or the nationality. Just pure being a human.


  4. Actually, I would not have practice this faith if not for a total stranger that introduced me to ND Buddhism and its philosophy and its greatness. Therefore, Mr. Lee, your line of questioning is incorrect and shows a lack of understanding of how ND or any religion is spread.

    The greatness of a religion and its founder is spread because if their disciples. I was introduced to this buddhism because of a practitioner of this faith. That is how I came to know the greatness of the Daishonin, not by Daishonin himself.


  5. Sorry, since posting my comment, I did not follow up with it. Mr Lee, your challenge to me to show my true identity, simply manifest your heart of insincerity and the misunderstanding of the spirit of this blog. You just a kid.


  6. How come many who have been long working hard for Kosen Rufu know what the issues are and it’s problems and how come Ikeda or Soka Gakkai doesn’t really touched on the actual realities of the issues facing SGM? Why they still tell us to continue to support unreasonable and bad leaders? Are they partially blind and deaf?

    There are quite a number dedicated, sincere leaders and members whom I know and who were left or who had been wrongly expelled in SGM as many knows. And yet if such internal issues cannot be solved, world peace, absolute happiness, harmony, compassion & wisdom lauded by Soka Gakkai seems to empty words and lies, used to con. First mind control follow by life control.

    Isn’t it reflects the words of the Daishonin – “when the body is crooked so is the shadow”.


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