Progress so far

SGM issued a memo on April 1, 2016, outlining their commitment to institute good governance in the organisation. This segment is meant to track how much is being done and how fast is it progressing.

1.0 External audit on SGM accounts for 2016 

In 2016 AGM, held in May, SGM agreed to engaged an external audit firm to audit the 2016 accounts. No Terms of Reference was released. No information is given on the scope of the audit and external auditors roles and responsibilities. Where is the transparency that was promised?

Status: Pending

2.0 Hiring of a qualified accountant on a full time basis.

This will ensure that the processes and accounting standards will be adhered to in preparing and maintaining the accounts of SGM. The qualified accountant will perform the function of ensuring that all expenses and financial transactions are correctly recorded. More than 6 months since April 2016.

Status: Pending

3.0 Hiring of a Chief Administrator

The purpose of this position is to separate between the administration work of the organisation from the faith organisation, which is headed by the General Director. At the moment, the General Director cannot focus on his work on faith organisation matters due to the various problems and issues that emerge in the administration aspect of the organisation.

Status: Pending

4.0 Formation of the internal audit committee

The role of the internal is to ensure that each department within the organisation is managing and working according to the rules and standards set. It is also meant to check any abuses, fraud or misuse of funds. The members in the internal audit must be competent and independent. They must not hold any other position in the main committee, like the General council, ECC, CSC or SGM level leaders, to avoid conflict of interest. This will ensure segregation of powers and clearly defined responsibility and accountability. Have they form? Who are they?

Status: Pending

5.0 Eliminate the New Year and Chinese New Year contribution

There have been various allegations that funds from these contributions in the past were not use in the proper manner. And SGM has no way of defending itself from this allegations because they do not issue receipt. This will be a continuous bone of contention. There are only two viable options, issue receipts or do away with this contribution to safeguard the reputation of SGM.

Status: Pending

6.0 Application to be full member 

No clear guidelines or requirement is given for the application process of a full member. The process must be transparent. We cannot simply deny or reject applications, which is the practice for the past four decades. Currently, the discretion is solely with the General council. Does this mean that they do not have to explain and can simply decide who can be full member and who cannot? SGM must be transparent, explaining why the applications were rejected.

Status: Pending

7.0 Proper voting system into the General Council 

[Will explain more later.]

Status: Pending

8.0 Ensuring that the General council members understand their roles and responsibilities 

The General Council is the highest decision making body in SGM. It has the heavy responsibility to ensuring that SGM do not divert from its original purpose of kosen-rufu and protect the interest of the members at all times. This is call goals displacement. It is not a body to protect any leader or individual.

Status: Pending

9.0 Clear and detail progress chart and short term milestone

Governance and controls matters in an organisation of SGM’s size is huge project. It is complex and complicated. To ensure that the project is being carried out steadily and with commitment, a short term milestone, outlining the short term goals, is essential. If not, it is easily forgotten and being left to the backburner.

Status: Pending

10.0 Remove General Council member that has issues with trust and confidence among the membership. 

The General Council cannot have member that have lost the confidence of the members. The insistence on not removing such individual has destroyed the reputation and trust of this Council.

Status: Pending 

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