Kenny and Jason: A dialogue

They are good friends and both are leaders in SGM.

Kenny: What do you think you are doing?

Jason: Fighting evil.

K: Is that the right way? By publishing all the dirty linen on the internet? I think you are destroying the organisation’s reputation. Destroying trust in the organisation. Indirectly, you would also be destroying the faith of many of our members. Those who read will to have doubts. Please stop. I beg you.

J: You think it will not make any difference?

K: Look at our culture here. The top leaders will just become more defensive and blast you for what they see as an impolite, improper and rude challenge to their authority.

J: What culture again?

K: Face. They want face. They will never admit to any wrongdoings. Tell me, would a father apologize to his kids? This is not America and I think you watched too much Hollywood movies, where parents apologized to their kids all the time.

J: You think our efforts are futile? It will just be ignored and everything will come to nothing?

K: That’s the what going to happen. GG.

J: GG?

K: Good game, online gamer lingo. Something you say after you lost a game. The membership in general has lukewarm interest. Some can barely understand. Others may blame you for creating problems and headache for them. Some even accuse you of being self-serving.

J: Serving myself? Me?

K: Yes. You want to be famous.

J: A little, maybe.

K: There! The Devil inside you. Whatever it is, just stop attacking SGM or GD or the ECC. You cannot win this. This is a waste of time.

J: All right. Say I dropped everything, shutdown the website and delete everything. What are your strategy? Do nothing and pretend nothing happen? You want to take the ‘blue pill’ and live with a lie?

K: Go back to the Gohonzon and chant. Pray for a positive outcome. Pray for forgiveness.

J: Forgiveness for the wrong doers?

K: No, for you.

J: Me?

K: Yes, you. It does not matter who is wrong. You just need to repent. Surrender yourself to the Gohonzon. You will be able to rise above it all.

J: But will the problem simply disappear if we ignore it?

K: I am not naïve. I know what is happening and how SGM is using authoritarian and ruthless means to get rid of dissenters. Chopping and reassigning people in top positions, putting in soft and obedient ones to replace those vocal leaders. I am aware.

J: And what do you do about it?

K: I am sad. So much anger and quarrels today and it is destroying our organisation day by day. I don’t really know, but I just know that you need to stop whatever you are doing. At least, stop stoking the fire.

J: I understand your motivation. You want the best for me and the organisation. You want SGM to go back to its peaceful and harmonious days, with strong bonds of comradeship and everyone just go about happily doing their gokuyo. You are afraid that this may affect me personally, that I be consumed by anger and hatred.

For that I thank you.

But I will not stop speaking up. Unless you have a better solution. My objective is to provide a record of what happened and what I learned from it, as an ordinary member viewing it from my perspective. History is always written by the victors. I feel this is an important part of history and must not be allowed to fade away. Doing so will result in this tragedy repeating itself in future.

K: But the top is not listening. It is pointless.

J: I am writing for the youth. Not to influence them, but to encourage critical thinking. We will have no hope if our youth leaders cannot think for themselves. Evil and corrupt practices will perpetuate so long as our leaders cannot think for themselves and blindly accept propaganda like the ‘Soka Spirit Newsletter’.

K: You sound like you’re very determined and clear of what you want. Guess I failed to persuade you.

J: We should aim to understand, not persuade. I do appreciate we have this talk. At the very least, we get to understand one another better.

K: True. No matter what happens, we are still brothers. I do not agree with you, but you are still my brother.


2 thoughts on “Kenny and Jason: A dialogue

  1. To: Jason or people with similar motivations, how can you find yourself staying with the same organisation? I mean, if you take red pill, how to participate in all the activities and not feel begrudging?


    1. Jason may have his own reasons for staying. Perhaps, he felt that he wanted to change from the inside. Perhaps, he wanted to continue to care for his members. And perhaps, because he felt that this is an organisation built by Mr Ikeda and he will never forsake it. The organisation is not just about the leaders. It is also the members. And we need good people, courageous and wise, to speak up, both on the inside and outside. Each has its own unique mission. Same with Kenny. Leaving the organisation is easy. But Jason believes that there is no coincidence in Buddhism. Everything happens for a reason. There is something that life wanted to teach us. And it is through this that we learn the meaning of faith, compassion and recognising the Buddhahood in each person, even the wrong doer. Not everyone will agree with Jason. But we need to respect that.


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