Minor good, great evil?

We received the Soka Spirit Newsletter #2 from a reader and also his response to the Newsletter. We are publishing it in full below:

I’d like to comment on the Soka Spirit Newsletter #2 dated 13 Oct 2016:

On the surface in may look like they are fighting for justice by exposing shortcomings of the organization or of certain individuals.

The truth is that every issues and complaints raised by the dissidents have been duly investigated and proper actions taken. Our findings revealed that there might have been some administrative shortcomings, but there were no proof of financial embezzlement as alleged.

I was surprised to read that there were no proof of financial embezzlement. This was all outlined in the SGM appointed Internal Auditor report presented on January 2016 in Johor. Some observations from the presentation:

A) In relation to the 1st finding on the opening of the 6 individual (“special”) accounts, the internal audit only recommended that the balance 4 accounts be closed (Only 2 accounts were closed as of that time).

There are no explanation from SGM management on why there were so many personal accounts opened in the first place. What is the purpose/nature of these accounts? What are the transactions (receipt and payment) involved in the accounts? Have the Internal Auditor checked the inflow and outflow of the bank statement for these accounts?

B) In relation to the 4th audit findings on purchase of garden benches from Perniagaan Fuhou. The Internal Auditor reported that for the second invoice by Perniagaan Fuhou to SGM amounted to RM13k, SGM Johor issued a cheque under Mr Tan Kiang Howe’s name instead of issuing to Perniagaan Fuhou. If this example does not constitute financial embezzlement, then what is this?

C) Based on the audit findings, the Internal Auditor also concluded that the Chairman (TKH) has “exceeded his authority in the management of the State account”. What is the estimated loss to the organization (in terms on monetary value) due to the Chairman’s act of him “exceeded his authority in the management of the state account”.

Please have answers to all these before concluding that “there was no proof of financial embezzlement as alleged.

Our stand is that while one might have valid reasons to complain, the correct channel to voice one’s complaints is through face to face dialogue with the General Director or other SGM representatives, substantiating with solid proofs of the complaints. But we will not tolerate willful slandering and spreading of malicious lies through social media and meetings.

The point is why are they still bringing up issues which has been resolved, who is behind and who doesn’t want to see SGM getting better?

  1. We would like to cordially request SGM to conduct a nationwide roadshow and share with everyone what they did to “resolve the issues”. Those who come to attend should include working professionals in the profession of accountants, company secretaries, auditors, lawyers and not just limited to own chosen few to attend, else it’s like syiok sendiri. Preferably invite Johor people, to check and balance the actions taken, as Johor people know more details.
  2. Agenda should be straight to the point, no experience sharing needed. Allow ample time for Q&A so the said working professionals  can ask deep questions – no surface and high level stuff anymore. Please give concrete dates, run multiple roadshows to be conducted by SGM own subject matter experts as well, not by people who are “clueless”.
  3. On the ground level, in our district, we had had a face to face meeting with SGM representatives for almost 2 hours. There were many questions that the SGM reps were not able to give satisfactory answers.
    • Issues such as full membership and application process, associate membership and process,
    • separation of duties among ECC and CSC/GC,
    • why no youth represented in full members, ECC/CSC/GC.
    • Issues such as stopping the current leaders from verbally attacking other leaders/ NBA members and gossiping, talk bad about each other.
    • Issues such as stopping New Year and CNY gokuyo which has no receipts, what are the roadmaps in utilizing the funds held by SGM today, arts & antiques purchases and many more.
  4. Many other outstanding items, as highlighted in Checklist. The meeting was minuted and we all agreed that the issues were not resolved. The SGM representatives agreed to refer the outstanding issues to the top leadership and now we are waiting for the follow-up action/meeting – as of this writing it’s almost two months since the face to face meeting.
  5. How can the Soka Spirit Newsletter claimed that the “issues are resolved” when there are so many unanswered questions? Is it because SGM wanted to prevent further investigation to get to the bottom of these questions such that they are so impatient to declare “mission accomplished”, or “issues are resolved”? And why does this Newsletter used jargons like “minor good, great evil” to threaten and frighten people who ask questions? Is it better to ask whether the questions are legitimate first, than to hastily labeled them as “work of the devils“?
  6. I hope SGM will conduct these roadshows to explain the actions taken, otherwise, how can they claim the issue “has been resolved” and if issue is not resolved, but they said it is, then this creates doubt on the credibility of the Soka Spirit Committee and credibility of Newsletter #2.
  7. It is better to ensure own’s credibility, looking at own’s behaviour and character before starting to accuse others of being a “minor good, great evil.” The above are hard facts (not “malicious lies“, as written by the Committee). We do expect factual answers from SGM in return.

3 thoughts on “Minor good, great evil?

  1. We should not fear questioning. Those who ask questions merely seek to understand. To get clarification and to be reassured that SGM finances are indeed in good hands and used for its intended purposes. To say such request as minor good great evil is a little over and arrogance. All top leaders should give convincing and factual answers, substantiated and able to hold water even if throw against the wall. Is this an unreasonable request?


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