NBA – Friend or Enemy?

In September 2016 Cosmic – GD Koh wrote in the editorial –

…Thus, the SGI is an incredible organization that accords with the Buddha’s intent and decree. So vital is our organization that President Toda once said, ‘The Soka Gakkai organization is more precious than my life!’

Therefore, no matter what happens, we must never leave the SGI organization. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda solemnly stated that if one leaves the SGI, one can never practise Nichiren Buddhism correctly, and can never experience the true essence of Nichiren Daishonin’s spirit.

President Ikeda further stated that in summary, outside of SGI activities, one cannot know what the true heritage of faith is, something that he is deeply convinced of. When all is said and done, leaving the SGI means abandoning happiness. Such is the solemn conclusion.

Yes, we agree with you General Director Koh. Mr Ikeda’s guidance on this is crystal. Similarly, there are many good employees who leave good companies. And the most common reason is not because of bad company policies or that the employees do not like his jobs. The chief reason is bad managers, their superiors. If a company has good policies and the employee loves his job, there is no reason to go out. Similarly, when our members are practicing joyfully in SGM and deriving great benefits in their daily lives, there is no reason for them to leave.

SGM is indeed a great organization. No question about it. The life philosophy is supreme. The mentor, Mr Ikeda is inimitable, and our great comrades that mutually supports one another. But when we have a large group of leaders who wanted to leave us, and left, we must really look into the causes and not simply repeat our greatness and threaten that one cannot find happiness if they leave SGM. Fear never persuade. Only love and compassion.

Over 400 leaders left. Not four. Not fourteen. It is indeed high time for SGM to carry out a thorough review on our state of affairs and where did we go so wrong till more than half of our leaders in Johor chose to leave us. And please do not draw parallelism with what happened in Selangor in the past. These Johor leaders left with profound disappointment and pain. It was a hard decision. We may agree or disagree with them, but there is little doubt that the decision is painful.

Also, we should not use Mr Ikeda’s guidance like a drunk use a lamp post, for support rather than illumination. The issue of this 400 leaders leaving has little to do with whether Soka Gakkai is the organization of the Buddha’s will and decree. Does it mean that the organization of the Buddha’s will is not capable, or even possible, to commit any wrong doing? That’s superstitious and blind faith. This is the mentality that led to City Harvest.

If there are hundreds of leaders who leave SGM due to their anger at the unjust manner in which SGM top leaders handle the allegations of corruption, then we should not be using Mr Ikeda’s guidance of ‘not leaving the organization no matter what.’ Instead, we should look at the allegations and handle it with sincerity, impartiality, urgency and without fear or favour.

When the NBA was established, a Johor leader asked a SGM leader whether she should join the new organization. The SGM leader disagreed, though this person knew very little of what exactly happened or is happening on the ground. He gave her four reasons for not leaving.

  • Organizations are made up of people, and you have people, you have problems. Can never escape. Disagreement, argument, corruption, abuse of power, etc. etc. There is no running away from it. Whatever new entity you formed, eventually, one fine day, you will find yourself in the exact situation of what you are facing today. So, why leave? Better to change it from within.
  • In the past, splinter groups often experience of further split in the future. Today we disagree and you want to split. Tomorrow if the leaders in the new organization disagree among themselves, will they split again? High chances they will. The continuous splitting and forming new organization will only lead to one thing – the members following them become disillusioned.
  • When we split, both sides will want to justify themselves as right and just. SGM will immediately claim, like what GD Koh said above, that the true lineage is exclusive to practicing in SGM and that one cannot find absolute happiness [short of saying cannot attain Buddhahood] outside of SGM. On the new organization, they will also claim that SGM has become so corrupted and evil that the only way to practice with the correct spirit of the Daishonin is to form a new organization. Like what Nikko Shonin did when he left Mount Minobu. The situation will worsen when the exchanges were done by people of evil intention or barbaric nature, from both sides, slinging mud at each other. Who will suffer? Again, our members. The devil will be happily enjoying the show at the sidelines. The devils would have triumphed and the Buddha lost.
  • There will also be people with malicious intent or ambition to want to wrest control to become the General Director who take advantage of the situation and making the situation worse than it actually is. Adding salt and vinegar. Like challenging people to report police or accusing the new group of plotting the entire thing for two years. We are creating opportunities for these people. These people will further aggravate the situation and push the NBA further away.

The hurt was too deep and the said Johor leader was too tired and too disappointed with SGM top leaders. He failed to convince her to stay. He said, ‘Go if you must. Promise one thing. Please. Continue to be my friend and keep in touch. Don’t fall into the trap of throwing mud at each other and slandering one another. We are still friends. You may not agree with top SGM leadership decisions, but there are good people inside SGM and certainly lots of good and sincere people in NBA.’

Later, similar guidance were found in Mr Ikeda’s New Human Revolution novel. Roughly translated, “When a member backslide and left the organization, we must have the great encompassing heart and tolerance. This is an important point. We must never severe the human relationship between us. Rather, we should have the magnanimous heart to say, ‘We are still friends no matter what, and please do come and see me if you encounter any difficulty.’” The SGM leader is happy that he did not listen to a certain vice General Director speech that urge SGM leaders to severe all ties with NBA since our path is different [tou but tong…]

Having said this, what then we should keep in mind when we encounter our friends in NBA or when we explain the matter of NBA to our members in SGM? What is our goal? What should we say or react when we hear SGM being attacked?

These are the few points we have in mind.

  • Our main goal is to bring back all our leaders and members from NBA, our very brothers and sisters, and to practice harmoniously together as comrades. This may be wishful thinking at this point in time, but from the perspective of Buddhism, we are brothers and sisters of the Mystic Law since the remotest past and our appearance and encounter in this lifetime, in Malaysia, is no coincidence. We must use this as a springboard for us to manifest our Buddhahood and bring them back together in our path of Buddhahood. This is the fundamental spirit. If we don’t have this, we will make all sorts of errors and wrong move to further worsen the situation.
  • Everything starts with our prayers. With the goal of bringing back the NBA leaders and members, we cannot do this without our sincere prayers. We have been learning this point again and again in our discussion meetings and study meetings. No need for me to say more on it.
  • When attacked or criticized, we must always keep in mind that it is not clever words or reasoning that wins hearts. And without winning hearts, there is no point to argue. In any heated argument, we are just slandering one another Buddhahood, creating bad causes in our own lives. The important thing is to win through our actual proof, our human revolution and our character as human being. This is not easy and it takes time. If we adopt a superior and holier than thou attitude in condemning the other side as betraying our mentor and workings of evil, we will not bring any of them closer, let alone back. To continue harping on and painting a picture of evil among our own members also betray the flaws in our own character. For goodness sake, we are practicing Buddhism. Why do we engage in hate so much? We will be laughing stock to outsiders if they hear that we are quarreling among ourselves all the time.
  • Focus on internal changes. Expedite the governance and internal control tightening process. Action speaks louder than words. Form the internal audit committee as soon as possible and ensure that the members are independent and not seen as yes-man. Ensure that they have the competency and integrity, independence and capable of doing their job. Get to work immediately. Report and inform all SGM members of what the internal audit team has done and what they will do. This will give the confidence to our members and also the NBA leaders that SGM is sincere and working hard towards change and improvement on the weaknesses.
  • Continue to engage and never give up on the NBA members. Don’t argue with them, but make constant attempt to foster or rebuild the ties of friendship. Without these ties as the foundation, there will be no trust and no chance of coming back. This will be a long battle.
  • Don’t be defensive about SGM wrongs and weaknesses. Also don’t attack the other party and label them as evil or plotting the split two years ago. In today’s age, such propaganda does not work anymore. We have members in Kuala Lumpur, angered by SGM claims that the Johor incident was an evil plot all along and said that SGM is not telling the whole picture. Just selecting the few and using broad stroke to paint the Rescue and NBA as evil. As SGM leaders, we cannot give this member convincing answer as the claim of evil plot was not, and cannot be, supported by strong arguments.
  • There is no worry of NBA coming to our chapters and taking our members. If our ties and relationship with our members are strong, there is no way any stranger can simply come and take them to NBA. If top leaders of SGM continue to deny any wrong doings and refuse to provide satisfactory answers to the question raised, this will anger the members and pushing them away. We must remember that we need to get our own house in order, before we focus on others. We need to keep in check our chickens, and not worry about the eagle.

The big question – Will the NBA leaders return to SGM? It depends. Buddhism believes in cause and effect. If we sow seeds of harmony and compassion today, and continue to tend and care for the plants, we will reap the fruits one day. This is the law of causality. If we sow seeds of hatred today, we will reap hatred.

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  1. In today’s “Daily Encouragement”, I read a sensei’s guidance that says “In a family, if one person is unhappy, then so is the entire family. Therefore, I would like you to sincerely pray for and protect one another so that there are no people who are unfortunate and unhappy, or who abandon their faith, and that every person will become happy. These are the kinds of humanistic bonds among fellow members that give birth to true unity. Coercion or force stemming from power and authority is ineffective at critical moments.”

    I would like to urge GD and ECC to read the above guidance and carry it out with genuine spirit of humanistic. NBA members and leaders are our precious family members, please listen to their grievances and take fair action. The Johor crisis is NOT over, it is NOT even close to over.

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    1. The main problem was created by members and leaders who thinks that they knows better and refuse to solve the matter internally but choices to deal it themelves by leading others to follow them to leave SGM, all these are selfish people. Doesn’t these people know that once they are out of SGM, they are considered people outside Soka and has no say in Soka matters? Stupid people, if they are really unhappy, solve it internally with courage, showing other members this spirit of unity despite crisis and differences. Once you are outside Soka, just leave the problem to Soka and stop talking anything about Soka as you are no longer involved. Simple and can people in NBA understand? Whatever happening in SGM is no longer your problem and business. Don’t try linking NBA back to soka, you are not part of it.


      1. Actually, the same can be said of people in SGM. The folks have left for NBA, then stop labelling them as anti-Gakkai or ungrateful or whatever negative terms. Let’s all learn to accept each other as human beings. As my mother used to say, you need two hands to clap to make sound.


  2. If without Soka teaching, understanding and introducing nichiren buddhism to this part of the world and other countries, do you think you will get to know nichiren buddhism from other nichiren sect? NBA is just a group of people would thinks they know better and which they are just fools themselves, if there is problem within SGM and they are unhappy with how funds are use, they can stop donations and advices other member to do so until SGM resolve the issue. Going outside SGM to form other group is just another hidden motive to move members out of Soka, simple as that, no problem would be solved. Is reality, why should soka listen to people outside soka? NBA are already people who are not listening to soka, why would soka need to listen to them? 依法不依人, problem with administration solve it administratively, important is the correct teaching unless NBA is saying soka is wrong on teaching nichiren buddhism, that case they have to prove what was wrong before fooling other believers.


    1. @Ken. Probably a good idea is to seek first to understand from that other point of view first before labeling people as fools (or stupid). Because to do so will be very confrontational, not an act of compassion.

      According to my understanding, NBA was formed due to the (Johor) leaders, who disagreed with SGM management, being ostracized and expelled. In Johor, SGM put up their individual photos in Region Kaikans and said that these people cannot come into the premise. This is like treating people as criminal. Is that how our organization should behave? In addition, these groups’ meeting-venue licenses were pulled back and in one case, the Gohonzon was asked to be returned. If these were just disagreement with the administration, then why did SGM has to go to the extent of posting people’s photos in Kaikans?

      If you were them and have no where to practice (including their members who also has no place to practice), then their faith will surely back slide. Isn’t this a reason to form an organization so that they have license to practice, to chant together? I don’t think that they thought they were smarter than SGM. They just needed a place to practice after being pushed out.

      But it’s sad to see that you are already acting like certain leaders of SGM and labeling without understanding or listening to the other side.


  3. I write based on my very own personal experience and interaction on my practice in the organization.

    Currently, both SGM and NBA are not doing anything to justify the credibility of their claims. Both parties claims each is doing wrong things, but i do not see any strong evidence to back any of those allegations. Both also talk cock and sing song only. Like babies losing their pacifiers. As I have totally no privy to the facts or full story, I can only ask SGM and NBA to do the below:

    To the NBA, if you have all the evidence, grow some balls and report to MACC, police and get the wrong doer to pay for their crimes. If not, go play far far.

    To SGM, if you have strong facts to dispute their claims, show it to us and once and for all put it to rest (please write a proper memo explanation, and not some religious explanation. And write the full facts). Your not helping your cause by doing all the things a “guilty party” will do to cover up the issues (we have seen this in our political sphere). You are not doing justice to the high morale and lofty ideals the organization is carrying.

    To both parties, do not give the excuse of “members happiness” as reasons for your action or inaction. Its slander to use the members as a pawn and a slander for doing nothing if you know there is a serious wrong being done.


    1. Yes, I fully agree. We must not take any side when things are still vague. Even in the high court the judge and the jury will listen to both parties – the accused and the prosecutor. By spreading rumours and use some leaders to go against others esp. those whom they owe their debt to is simply ungrateful and worst than animals. This is not Buddhism and no where near what the Lotus Sutra preached. Don’t claim you are a Buddhist coz it will bring shame and insult to the rest of Buddhists who practice correctly and according to Gosho and Sensei’s teaching.


  4. @qwerty, I practice nichiren buddhism coming to 40 years, Soka has always been facing people like NBA leaders who thinks they know better and do better, this happen everywhere, in home or corporate. When it come to Buddhist practice, it is our own wisdom to see what is correct, wrong and ways to resolve. Unless you can dispute that Soka is teaching to wrong thing and organization is bad, you are free to prove it and leave like what NBA people are doing. But as long as I see, Soka’s interpretation, practice are in accordance to nichiren buddhism teaching, it was individual, be it SGM or NBA that may be deviating from the practice, or on administration issues but what I can see people on NBA are linking administration issue to teaching in soka to tarnish image of the organization.

    I see no wrong that SGM putting up photos to troublemakers from NBA who declared that they are out of SGM. If they are still family members of SGM, I don’t think SGM will do that. But once any organization identified any troublemaker, they have the rights to reject isn’t it? Same goes to NBA, if I were to join them but speak against them, don’t you think they will block me too? I hope you have to wisdom and maturity to view the issue on two aspects, the Buddhism side and administrative side. What NBA done wrong was they lumped all together that confuse other believers and leading them outside Soka which naturally is not under Soka’s responsibility to respond to them. They can resolve to issues within SGM given time but they are too eagle to gain support to do it outside SGM at their own will, if problem cannot resolve with SGM, they could have seek SGI intervention which didn’t happen. Do you think SGI would respond to NBA which has deflected from SGM? Chances are SGI will still deal via SGM if they want to resolve issues with NBA. Is back to square and nothing will happen even with leaders and members leaving to form their own group but still want to associate back to SGI which would not happen. The moment the deflected from SGM already proven mindset and teaching are different from soka. No reason for soka to be involved with NBA.


    1. @Ken, No one is disputing Soka as being able to impart the correct Nichiren Buddhism teaching. You mentioned this twice in both your posts. Not sure why.

      Secondly, during Nikken sect time, there are initiatives to embrace Nikken members (it’s called Danto, if I am not wrong) to bring them back to Soka. From your post, it sounds like you are suggesting to wash hands in regards to NBA people. Do you think this is right?


  5. Hmmm…you got a point qwert.

    We embrace the danto members and bring them back to SG, but reject the NBA. So, does it means a flawed doctrine practice by danto is more forgivable then an internal question raised on alleged corruption by NBA?

    Wowww…like that the NBA would be better off being a danto and joining Nikken, at least they have the chance to be embraced and accepted back.



    1. Many years ago, I heard leaders in Selangor, top leader Uncle J, tried very hard to have a dialogue with the Nichiren Shoshu priest in Klang. Eventually, the priest relented and agreed to meet him. The priest berated uncle J, according to his version, but uncle J kept his cool. He didn’t engage with like manner.
      Fast forward today, there seems to be so much animosity against the NBA. Accusations were made against the NBA even in open meetings and publicly. Some even whacked them in discussion meetings. Seems like these NBA fellas are worse than the priest from Nikken and Nichiren Shoshu.
      The approach towards Danto members are always based on friendship, trust, and slowly win them back. It is based on compassion. And SGM leaders were generally comfortable with it. We don’t go out to look for fights. Just make friends.
      Why are our strategy so different today?
      So, Drunkard Bird, I agree with you.


  6. I can see that NBA has always been claiming that they are the victim but is it true from the way it deal with SGM internal issue by deflecting outside soka administration, publishing issues outside soka in public, do you think this is a friendly move to start with and expect friendly treatments in return? I can see that the people still like to lump and relate administration issues and Buddhism teaching together, even citing city harvest as example to fool other members where city harvest has a total corrupted teaching in Christ for gain of their founder. If NBA cannot differentiate the differences, they should stop their foolish act.


  7. My personal opinion:
    On adminstration – it’s the value one uphold, if one is upholding “integrity” as value which must not be compromised, then one could not tolerate the slightest chance of corruption but to others who might not uphold “integrity” as their value, they probably would say corruption happens in any organization and accept it. It’s the value of once uphold.

    On publishing issues outside – we must not deny the freedom of usage of the technology, otherwise MCMC should have clamped down on internet. Of course we must use technology responsibly and with wisdom. If what we wrote are facts, it’s perfectly all right, otherwise it will become a high speed war zone. I am very disturbed by what were posted on one of the Chinese Facebook page as that page was initially created to post words of encouragement but instead some irresponsible individuals whether they are from SGM or outside SGM started to use vulgar language in accusing each other. Sometimes I talk to people from outside, I find that they are more Buddhist than those who claim they are Buddhist and Sensei’s disciple. This reminded me about ‘Never Disparaging’ chapter, Nichiren viewed Shakyamuni in one respect as a moral teacher based on the teachings the Lotus Sutra, saying: “The heart of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings is the Lotus Sutra, and the heart of the practice of the Lotus Sutra is found in the ‘Never Disparaging’ chapter. What does Bodhisattva Never Disparaging’s profound respect for people signify? The purpose of the appearance in this world of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, lies in his behavior as a human being.” – in other words, Human Revolution as taught by Sensei. Buddhist practice is about self mastery, taking ownership about ourselves, our own behaviour. When we are pointing our index finger at others, 4 fingers are pointing back at our face. Those who use vulgar language or abusive language in the social media are just laughing stocks when they claim themselves as Nichiren Buddhists or SGI Buddhists or Sensei’s disciple as their behaviour stated otherwise. It’s a shame! I don’t want to associate myself with those people to be honest.


  8. @libra, you are point 4 figures back to yourself and NBA? Is always easy to accuse and abuse internet for NBA own agenda by posting issues that has yet to be proven to be facts, am I wrong? Didn’t you know not all administrative staff may be soka members? Not all soka administration member are perfect in administration areas when they try to assist SGM? By relating SGM similar to Singapore City Harvest show the evil intention behind NBA to reach its agenda to break up SGM. It too shows NBA intention was not to resolve issue amicably by speaking outside the organization with twisted lies. Let’s lay out fact how is SGM and SGI equals to city harvest before you guys carry on?


    1. @Ken, first of all, I didn’t relate SGM to City Harvest, secondly I said we must not take side, please be clear! What I want to emphasize when one claims that he or she is sensei’s disciple, pls show through own behaviour. I am pointing out different people uphold different value, if you cold not agree to disagree, then learn it.


      1. @libra, as long as you agree with NBA which uses city harvest example to fool other members, back stabbing sensei and soka from outside of soka, don’t claim that you are not taking side, faking and trying to act nice while your motive is to undermine soka by wearing sheep cloth.


  9. @ken, say what you want, I am not afraid and clear of my conscience. Whether one has sensei at heart or not is not determined by others. Just don’t force your thought onto someone who is not at the same thought as you. Lotus sutra Emergence of Treasure Tower chapter is talking about true democracy, if you are free you could read it. Live the principles not just lip service. Sensei’s greatness is shown in the disciples’ behaviour. And I repeat the last time, I didn’t relate City Harvest case to SGM. Why do you have to force it on me? This accusation is very rude. I think your intention is to force others who are not same mind as you out from SGM. Again learn how to agree to disagree. And lastly lotus sutra does not discriminate whether you are from SGM or NBA or other religions! If you truly practice the principles in Lotus Sutra which Nichiren’s Buddhism is based upon, raise above and show it in your daily behaviour.


  10. @libra, I am a true believer of nichiren Buddhism to take up challenge from people like you whom are using teaching wrongly to tarnish Soka and sensei by forming own groups. Just google NBA and see what they claim by using city harvest as example against SGM and Soka which is a totally untrue as both are different cases. As long as you are not able to made people from NBA to retract such false allegations about SGM is like city harvest, don’t claim that you are righteous and practices the Buddhism correctly, do you have the courage to challenge your support to NBA to retract all allegations that SGM is another city harvest with your NBA gang? I see you don’t, only when you have done it that you are standing on the side of truth, else your claims no matter how much you are relating back to Buddhist teaching equals nothing but tools to fool the rest whom believes in falsehood NBA is advocating.


  11. @libra, I have seen too many, people were introduced to soka, is not just Malaysia by Soka’s strong in teaching and propagation of nichiren buddhism outside Japan but this disciple and teacher’s with soka and sensei were broken by people who thinks that they are better and smarter whom may be good enough to pull members out from soka, it happen everywhere but ultimately what happen to these people who left? Many ended up stop practicing and other joints Nikken sect. Let’s look at all these cases, is it Soka’s teaching and interpretation on nichiren buddhism wrong? No in all cases but it was the people whom left who has misuse, misinterpreted and misled members always from soka and sensei, ask yourself if you are one of these people now. What do you want to achieve by joining NBA outside SGM and where do you want to lead the people whom has deflected from soka, where is the trust and teacher disciple relationship that soka has been teaching? You still think it was right and these action will not hurt sensei knowing what has happened to SGM? Don’t claim that NBA is friendly when you people has hurt sensei and his trust to the leaders in SGM whom deflected out from soka.


    1. Ken,
      I find your analysis simple but not right. You seems to make blanket statements about ALL who left are wrong and feel they are smarter or better. My personal take, I don’t deny that there may be some who feel that way. But are they all the same? Is the motivation of over 400 Johor leaders similar? All conceited and with ill intention to hurt Sensei and Gakkai? I don’t think so. If you do, I will suggest that you meet up with more people from NBA or those who resigned to get a better picture.
      Also, can we also say that there is absolutely no fault of SGM top executives? That they have done their job with utmost competence, fairness and honesty? Is the problem merely an ‘admin issue’ like you claim, and not some more serious underlying problem?
      Taking a step back and view from the overall events, I find that it is hard to believe that this is merely an ‘admin issue.’ The questions here is not so much about doctrine or teachings of Sensei and Gakkai. Rather, it is about the cruel and cold manners in which top execs terminate and sideline leaders.
      Why do we need to terminate leaders who ask questions about governance and improper financial transactions?
      Why do SGM not want to go into a forensic audit to clear up the matter once and for all?
      Why do SGM make such hasty decisions to remove and appoint leaders into top positions?
      Why the lack of decent respect and gratitude to leaders who have contributed their energy with their heart for decades be chopped with just a simple phone call or WhatsApp messages, in less than two days?
      Is this ‘admin issue’?
      As for NBA, what I heard is that they needed a place to practice and presently, they are going about their own work and not giving much thought to SGM. SGM, however, through the official Soka Spirit newsletter, continue to condemn and label this NBA as evil. Why? Is that how we treat our ‘danto’ members in the Nikken sect? No. We were taught to be their friends and win their trust through our own human revolution. We say Nikken is evil, and certainly not the danto members. Why is our compassion be different from NBA members?


    2. I must admit that I haven’t heard of City Harvest until I read Ken mentioning it a few times in this page. It must be important, that’s why he mentioned it so many times and I googled it. Interesting trial happening in Singapore. Thanks Ken!

      But seriously man, no one here mentioned City Harvest except you, so why is it that you insist Libra is the one mentioning it? It’s like you hope that the more insistence you are in saying it, the issue will slowly become true, that Libra is the one bringing it up. It doesn’t work that way, pal. We all can read with our own eyes.

      Maybe there are one or two people in NBA mentioning City Harvest. And yet, you start to label NBA, the organization, as the one equating SGM to City Harvest. And worse, you start labeling people who sympathize with NBA (not even a member of NBA yet) as equating SGM to City Harvest! There is a pattern I see here. And the pattern is the type of SGM leadership we are condemning in our writings. Your documented behavior is an actual proof of the type of leadership we didn’t want in SGM anymore – arrogant, bad mouthing and labeling.

      Do note that while I disagree with certain leaders in SGM, I do not equate the rest of SGM leaders as being in the same boat, nor do I equate SGM, the organization as bad. That’s a contrast to how you are portraying yourself.


  12. @Ken,there is really no need to emphasize you are a true believer Nichiren, I am not interested to know coz you extremism just put me off completely which reflected in what you are arguing and baseless accusation that I am from NBA which you are going to pay back one day on the slander you created here. Lotus Sutra is preaching the middle way. When Nichiren submitted the treatise to the authority for a third time, he retreated. I feel the same. It’s better to focus on the cause rather than arguing with someone who is arrogant and ignorant as you. Good luck to you!

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  13. @libra. you are a traitor, just read this post, who blog it mentioned City Harvest, not me, let’s get it straight. It was people from NBA who linked City harvest to SGM, not me. Even one has mentioned it and you guys are not correcting show that you are in support of this writing. You people believe in falsehood, just read Nichiren’s teaching and on people who propagate falsehood against our practitioners are traitors. I don’t see you guys correcting anything that was falsely mentioned by the blogger, what are your motives? So far what has NBA gain by telling these lies?


  14. Good morning Ken,
    I am the author of this post. You are right, I did mention City Harvest here. I still do not understand why you are so obssess and alarmed with City Harvest. Puzzling. I was making a point and using City Harvest as an example of how a religious organisation, particularly ‘wealthy ones’, can potentially goes wrong. This is a perennial problem with religious organisation. Ikeda Sensei and Bryan Wilson dialogue’s also discussed the problems of religious organisation in their book – Human Values in the 21st Century under the heading – The problems with organisation. Recommend you read them.

    Mr Ken, explain to me, I am confused. What is false in these postings? Can you back it up with facts and reasons. So far, the points that were brought up on this blog are common knowledge and known to all. Let see:
    – ECC did sacked 10 top leaders [Region level] from Johor. Unprecedented.
    – Over 400 Johor leaders of all levels resigned as a consequence. Unprecedented.
    – ECC also sacked more than 10 leaders in KL. January 8, 2017. Unprecedented also.
    (Seems like our GD has been creating new history moment by moment under his watch.)
    – Internal investigations by SGM found that the Johor Region Chief, TKH, did act beyond his capacity as a Region Chief and State Chairman, and bought supplies from Perniagaan Fuhou.
    – A personal cheque was written to him, from SGM. Conflict of interest.
    – SGM decided to have NFA (No further action), and even declared case closed. Refused to carry out forensic audit till today.

    Mr Ken, Which of these is a lie? By all means, enlighten me. Also, if you find any other thing that is not right, point them out.

    Also, Mr Ken, are you saying that SGM leaders are somehow different? Simply because we chant the daimoku or that the word Gakkai somehow make us immune to all sorts of corruption and temptations?
    I am not sure if NBA did link SGM to City Harvest because I didn’t hear any. Maybe they did. Maybe didn’t. But what is the point here? What is the big deal that you keep harping on it? Is SGM going to collapse the moment the word City Harvest is mention? Does this church has such superpower?


  15. Dear Mr. Ken,

    A word of caution. What your saying in relation to the situation facing the SG organization is speculative and not proven beyond reasonable doubt. And you might be force to eat humble pie if your found to be wrong.

    You are adamant that the NBA is wrong and is out to destroy the organization. In your every posting, you hit on the same issues of SG is the good, the rest is evil, yet you have done nothing to proof that SG is the innocent party. You have to proof it or get the SG leadership to do it, since you give me the impression that you know what is really going on. A lot of us do not know the real truth. (Although many memos with very brief explanations are send out, it confuses more than reassure)

    Like in my earlier posting here, none of you (SG and NBA) have taken the step to proof your innocence. I only get explanations of some evil hand (you guys make it sound like a ghost) that is working secretly to bring SG down, and NBA is the ultimate anti-gakkai organization. And NBA alleges corruption in SG.

    I humbly request, if you have absolute proof that all the allegations are wrong / false, PLEASE show us and proof it to us. Until such time, I humbly request you to not make conclusions to things that you may not even know, and to go and really asked your seniors what is really going on.


  16. Those seniors who know are not making any statement. I’ve asked many times, none wanted to respond. And just chant (they say) None of them want to rock the boat, and they prefer to go through the slow process of change (human revolution they say)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Tom,
      This is typical. Many leaders wanted to remain neutral, focusing just on their role of taking care of members. In one sense, this make them feel superior as they are above the petty fighting or quarrels. But mostly just want to have no trouble, do not want to get involve, do not want to know more. They feel safe and secure in their comfort zone. Never mind it is just an illusion and that sincere and dedicated leaders got sacked. They prefer to keep their heads down. This is our biggest problem. Just see how loud the applause was in IPA to drown out the WD who spoke up. Sigh… very sad indeed.


  17. @Drunkard bird
    You should eat humble pie immediately now that the people in city harvest case were charge, found guilty, fined and send to jail. These people asked their believers to sell their house under the name of god and donate to their church, people were donating hundreds of thousands to church, were SGM members misled to donate such amount too that the leaders were misleading your people to donate the same way as city harvest case? If not don’t quote city harvest case to mislead other that SGM case has the same magnitude as city harvest where used their god’s name to force believers to donate under pressure. If you people cannot understand this, why create the trouble and get yourself sack, don’t blame SGM as your people has become cancer to it.


    1. Hello Ken,
      SGM did encourage its members, albeit indirectly, through many expetrience sharing of members who ‘sai lang’. In the past, when we were planning the purchase of Cheras BK, it was a really bad time and we needed a centre for cultural practices badly. Many who ‘sai lang’ transformed their karma due to their sheer sincerity and earnestness to see a castle for kofu built. But today, we have in excess of 350m in cash. How can we afford not to have a transparent and strict acounting standards. We, in this blog, is beginning to sound like a broken record. But there is just so much ignorance and unncessary venomous attack on our intention and goals. We want to protect SGM, and we certainly want to prevent SGM from turning into another City Harvest, where the top execs used the sincere monetary contribution to fund his wife’s singing career. All we are asking is this – SGM cannot do without the most stringent and solid accounting chacks and balance. It is not just money we are afraid to lose, but the trust of our members. Without trust, SGM cannot lead them in their faith.


  18. @quietrevo
    My answer to you is get the sequence of even right and facts regards to city harvest right before using it to mislead other SGM members to go against SGM. Using misleading information is already wrong that it makes us wonder why misleading information were used and motives of NBA activities, you should ask why were leaders in NBA using city harvest or this blogger mention for using city harvest example. The rest happened after your people were mislead and sacked, that case I don’t have to answer your questions, is your people’s own creation to their own sacking, no nobody owes you for your own poor judgment.


  19. Perhaps we all should watch this video. SGM asked grassroots to play in ALL discussion meetings around the nation (in both Chinese Discussion Meetings and English Discussion Meetings). This video kickstarted the SGI SEATC contribution:


  20. Mr. Ken,

    I am humble enough, thank you.

    You really are deluded. So what if City Harvest is mentioned? So what if SG is referred to being like them? So what if City Harvest is used as an example? So what? There is nothing wrong in using it as an example for governance issue, since both parties can’t prove their case.

    You missed the point, and you did not answer my question. Your inability to answer my question on whether you know the truth behind all the shenanigan shows that there is definitely something amiss at SG. Also, your reluctance to give a clear answer to my questions, but going back yet again to your bashing of NBA and the likes, shows a sense of arrogance.

    Anyway, if you know the REAL TRUTH (with facts), please post it here and let us be enlighten. If not, please don’t preach to us on what is right and wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. @Drunkard bird, don’t waste your energy on the extreme and arrogant people, they will only drain your energy. If they can’t even calculate the 8605 contributors who contributed RM21m vs. 43,961 contributors who contributed RM10.8m (as shown and reported during the ALM), how do you expect them to resolve a complicated case and get the answers to all the questions? And if they didn’t “Sai lang” they money, how do you expect them to feel the pain of those sincerely contribute by living frugally to contribute? Don’t expect Ken to provide the answers as he will keep on attacking coz he is not open enough to listen and he is very defensive as he is arrogance and extreme. Don’t be affected by his comments and rise ourselves high, don’t associate ourselves with those lowly people as they don’t have character and they don’t worth our time and energy.


    1. Dear Libra,
      The thing about Buddhism is that we need to respect each and every person, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with them. We should engage and continue to try to understand things from their perspective. Often, when we suspend our own prejudice, and try to listen to the other party, and seek more clarification from the other party, we may discover something new. Even if we still don’t agree in the end, but we cannot [in my opinion] refuse to engage. Doing so would mean that we deny the Buddhahood and the innate goodness of the other person.


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